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Ramoth continued to fight back against the constricting Gyarados, much to Jormungand's displeasure. Jayson could tell that the Gyarados had hoped the Charizard would have submitted by now, its continued resistance was starting to enrage him. Jayson knew the Gyarados had been holding back, but he could sense that time was coming to an end. As Ramoth tried to struggle free, something in Jormungand's brain clicked and his mood changed in an instant. Fueled by rage he gives the Charizard what she wants, he loosens his grip on her and lets her free. Before the Charizard can get a way he brings his tail around with tremendous force, striking Ramoth in the chest and sending her tumbling backwards. He doesn't stop there, instead he pursues her with feverish vigour, smacking her with the side of his head as he continues to show her his Outrage.

"Ah shit", swore Jayson, he knew things were starting to get heavy once Jormungand let his rage consume him. "Things could get messy here."

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