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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Ok, well, I really enjoyed the day/night cycle and the different pokemon.
Actually this is something I forgot to address.

Day/night was indeed a thing during my original play of GSC. But after I set the clock here, it's run slow because I use bgb's save feature instead of the game's internal save. It's just way faster, but it's basically ruined any sense of pacing in the game itself. I've accumulated huge number of apricorns I can't even use because Kurt takes a day in-game to make them, but I'm already at Jasmine's Gym before an in-game day has even elapsed.

Curiously, the emulator I used for RBY back in 2000 was rew...which is the same one I used here in 2017. I had to do another fresh run to open up the internet link

Venusaur and Charizard are huge reptiles.

Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
I think someone's just mad he couldn't get a Nidoran :^)
I was able to transfer my RBY Nidoking to GSC and have him breed, but the results were less than steller. So far I've managed to breed a Nidoran female with Slowpoke, which got me a Nidorino capable of Confusion.

The most fun I had in the postgame of RBY (aside from fighting Mewtwo) was having a Cerulean Cave Ditto transform into Nidoking, and then try to beat it with the other five on my team. That turned into an honest challenge because my Nidoking had max EVs and at Level 100 outsped everything that wasn't my own Nidoking, and had Boltbeam, E-Quake and Body Slam - so the result was my own party got swept 9/10 times. Ditto aren't strong enough in GSC to allow that to happen.

My title back in 2003ish was "Lord of Destruction" because I tend to favour huge, flash, intimidating attacks and creatures.

Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
I agree that GSC is definitely a slower game than RBY and the early routes have a lot of unavoidable grass. But it does get better pretty quickly. Caves and water are also significantly better than in RBY.
I did have more fun in the caves, in no small part to the caves having water areas. But it was still annoying to take one step and BAM there's some weak mook Pokemon. RBY made it a lot easier to avoid weak Pokemon later in the game: most of Kanto was paved, so no need to go through side paths or grass to reach cities, and some areas were blocked orr or made out-of-the-way so you would avoid having to face weak Pokemon again, i.e. Mt. Moon.

Water is about the same. Southwest area of the map has water, filled with Tentacool and Tentacruel.
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