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Ramoth let out a confident smirk as the Gyarados slowly coiled around her body. While part of her looked pleased that Jormungand finally took some initiative, part of her looked as if she had him right where she wanted him. As Jormungand let out a powerful bellow, her eyes did not waver or blink, unwilling to submit. Ramoth’s body temperature suddenly began to spike, and an aura of flames emitted from her body. As she engulfed herself in a Flare Blitz, she attempted to burn the scales that constricted her. And then with all her Strength, she began to push back on Jormungand, hoping to free herself from his coils. A plume of smoke puffed from her mouth as she opened it, trying to entice him to show her more.

“Oh, I get it,” Gary grinned with a knowing chuckle. “She wants to see what else he’s got; if he’s got the ability to produce a powerful offspring. She’s definitely enjoying herself now…”
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