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As the Schooling Wishiwashi continued to fill itself with seawater, Devine leapt from her ball and, despite her slight shock at the situation, headed the words of her trainer and prepared to attack the monstrous creature before her.

Devine boosted through the water at an incredible rate with her Agility, cutting through the roaring waves at breakneck speed. Aero lifted his wings, summoning forth a large gust of wind and rain from behind the duo, carrying Devine through the water at an even faster speed.

Waves thrashed, and bursts of lightning struck the earth all across the horizon, roaring thunder exploding through the atmosphere around you. The harsh wind tore through the air, and the droplets of rain slicing across your cheeks felt more like handfuls of gravel and glass than it did water.

The giant collection of fish Pokemon stopped its intake of water and let out a fierce roar.

“How could you let this happen? How could you? HOW COULD YOU?”

As the voice in the air engulfed your entire being, it grew deeper and more frightening as it became more intense, and large bursts of lightning cracked through the atmosphere and struck the water uncomfortable close to you. The Wishwashi swung itself through the air and began releasing its intake of water through gaps in its tail, ejecting it with high pressure at an intense rate. The beast swung itself to the side, its tail falling through the air, spraying its highly pressurized water directly at you and Aero. There was almost no time to escape. The monster heaved itself through the air faster than it seemed capable of. Aero attempted to take advantage of the tailwind, gliding across the swelling waves as fast as it could, while the Kingdra took advantage of its positioning and painted the side of the beast blast of Toxic venom, immediately poisoning it.

The monster’s incredible Aqua Tail dropped, smashing into the sea - directly on top of you.

You were blown off of Aero by the tail’s blast of water before the attack could even connect, your grip immediately loosening, sending you flying through the air and shooting into the ocean at high speed, much like a bullet. You were prepared for this; this was your ideal environment. You knew how to handle these situa-



The back of your head suddenly felt warm, and a sharp pain radiated from it.

“Come… join me. Don’t let me be alone…” The voice echoed through your head.

Ah… so this is what it felt like. You’d need to write this down for research purposes...

Everything went black.


The Cloud Garden was lovely this time of year. Something about it looked even more beautiful today than it did normally. You stood atop the cliff beside the Starline Waterfall, watching the sun setting in the horizon. It was getting late, perhaps time for you to get heading inside, maybe to grab a bite to eat. Your Pokemon were probably getting hungry, too. But something was odd. There was a girl sitting on a small rock in front of you in a fetal position, her head buried into her knees. She was sobbing. She looked to be in her late teens, probably. “I can’t find my daddy… Daddy? Where are you? I don’t know where he went...”

Please reply in Aqua.
Coming to his senses, Gary woke up feeling the cool grass below his head. A gentle breeze blew over him. He could hear the sound of water running over a cliff and trickling into the river below. Slowly sitting up, he looked about his surroundings. The sun was beginning to set over the cliff side, a beautiful hue of red and orange painting the sky. Behind him stood a familiar tree with a building atop its mighty branches. This is without a doubt the Cloud Garden. He’d recognize this view anywhere, and the sounds of the waterfall were too familiar to miss. “This isn’t right, I thought I left on an adventure…” he mumbled, scratching his head. “Where did I go? I feel like there’s somewhere that I’m supposed to be right now… And yet, I’m… home…” There was a mixture of confusion and relaxation in his mind. And yet, as he began to wonder why he was here, the thoughts evaporated from his mind as if he was forgetting a dream.

Gary stood up and prepared to head inside his base when he suddenly noticed a girl sitting on a rock before him in fetal position. Without even thinking to question the absurdity of the situation, he walked over to her as she sobbed. Through tears, she wailed about her missing father. Gary crouched down next to her and frowned, sympathetic to her anguish. “Is everything okay, Miss?” he asked her as his frown turned into a reassuring smile, “If you’d like, I can help you out. I know this mountain like the back of my hand!”
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