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Jormungand had obviously pricked a nerve, the reaction he got from Ramoth was violent, although the Gyarados didn't seem to mind at all. He weathered the Charizard's attacks as best he could, if she won't to knock him out she clearly could have but she hadn't. Once Ramoth finished her display, Jormungand began to move once more, this time he stretched his elongated body out, completely encircling Ramoth. The Charizard continued to turn as the Gyarados continued to circle around her, unsure of what he was doing.

"Surely he isn't going to do it again", muttered Jayson as he thought of what the Gyarados was planning. "I think he's going to touch her again, he seems to like her when she's fired up haha."

Sure enough Jormungand quickly pulled his body in, coiling himself around Ramoth, trapping her with his bulky body. He squeezed her tightly, lowering his head down to meet hers he let out a bellow, exerting his dominance.

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