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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Elka was elated as Mochi was able to finally bring down the nasty Fearow. Congratulating her Skitty, she returned Mochi back to her Pokeball to get some much needed rest. With that order of business taken care of, she turned her attention back to the tree branch where the cowardly Teddiursa had been perched only to find the cub missing. Elka panicked for a moment, thinking that she had missed her chance and the Teddiursa was gone, but the brown cub was soon enough spotted making its way down the hill, slowly pushing its picnic basket along.

Limping over to the Teddiursa in order to catch up to it, Elka scolded the little cub for running away. Teddiursa turned around and looked up at her, tears in its eyes. Elka was taken aback, and as she took a moment to contemplate what was wrong with the cub, Teddiursa wiped away its Fake Tears and picked up its pace, dragging the basket along a little faster. However, in its haste, the Teddiursa missed a small stone in its path and tripped over it, spilling the contents of its basket in the process.

Getting up to dust itself off, Teddiursa noticed that it had accidentally squashed a bunch of the berries that tumbled out of its basket. It looked at them in a state of panic, its eyes welling up with real tears this time over the loss of the berries. The berries seemed quite important to the Teddiursa, so this was a huge loss. It frantically searched through the remaining contents of the basket, but it was a lost cause. There were no berries left. Teddiursa collapsed on his read and began to cry. What will Elka do?
As Elka hurriedly limped after the Teddiursa, she was taken aback as the small bear turned around and wiped tears out of it's eyes. Elka felt pity for the small thing, maybe she was frightening it by chasing after it so quickly. Were her crutches too loud? Maybe simply running after it so fast was enough to spook it, she was sure if she was being chased by someone much taller than her at such a brisk pace she would be scared too. As the bear continued to give it's crocodile tears, forcing Elka to stop and contemplate, it quickly stood up and ran even faster than it had before.

"Why you!" Shouted Elka, upset that the bear had once again played her for a fool. She limped hurriedly after the bear once again, she realised how much it actually sucked to drag her crutches through the tall grass. Pascal struggled to stay caught up, as his master tugged his leash along. As she chased the bear, it seemed to miss some kind of obstacle in it's path and toppled over. In it's spectacular fall, it's picnic basket spilt onto the grassy plains below it.

Elka immediately came to a halt near the bear, who seemed to realise that it's once silky brown fur was matted with the various colours of berries that it had squished in it's tumble. It quickly rushed over to the basket and realised that there was nothing left to be eaten, only to flop down and begin to sob. This time, it wasn't fake tears, but rather real tears and a loud throaty sobbing over the loss of it's berries. Elka felt bad and approached the bear, wanting to make it stop crying.

"Hey little guy... would it make you feel better if I helped you pick some new berries?" She asked, looking down so she wouldn't have to crouch --- her legs were tired enough as it was. Pascal glanced at the Teddiursa and did his best to translate just in case the little bear didn't fully understand what Elka was saying.

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