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Gary was keeping a careful eye on the Charizard and the Gyarados, to see how they reacted to each other’s presence. Ramoth seemed pretty docile as he pet her while Jormungand coiled up silent and hesitant. As Jormungand broke the silence and let out a deafening roar, Jayson suggested they give the two Pokemon some space. Gary took off running, heading back closer to the edge of the clearing. “I don’t think we have a choice! Get back!” he called out, panting.

The Charizard’s pupils narrowed as Ramoth turned to stare at Jormungand. She let out her own roar in response and flapped her giant wings. Gaining altitude, Ramoth hovered a few meters off the ground and blew forth a warning Flamethrower the charred the ground in front of Jormungand. She then began to flip and turn in the air, flying around in a horizontal figure-eight. Her Dragon Dance had a rhythmic yet seductive quality to it with a hint of danger, as she prepared to stand her ground to this newcomer.
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