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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
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The site of the nearly defeated Combee filled you with determination. You had made up your mind - this was a Pokemon you needed to have on your team.

The Net Ball flew through the air with force, propelled forth by your confidence and eagerness to make what was once an adversary into a powerful ally. The Combee winced, and, upon noticing that she had been abandoned by what remained of her troupe, gave in and collapsed onto the ground. The Net Ball bounced off the Pokemon, enveloping it in a shining red light that resembled a net, and fell to the ground tightly shut where the Combee had previously sat.

The ball shook. The latch blinked. Even after being captured, this Combee was putting up one hell of a fight. Back and forth the ball rocked, even going so far as to completely roll over onto its side.

And then… ding. It stopped moving. The battle was over - the Combee was yours.

“That was incredible!” The Melitologist said. “Simply fascinating! I’ve never seen a battle quite like that - from either a trainer or a Combee!” The Melitologist removed her headgear, holding it to her side. “My name is Audrey. Thank you for coming. I apologize for all of this. I believe this may, in fact, have been my fault. I was studying these Combee when I revealed my presence, disturbing them…” She sighed, rubbing her hand through her thick, curly brown hair. She turned to you once more. “So tell me, trainer - I sense that your happening upon here is no accident...”

(Congratulations! You have captured a Level 15 Female Combee w/ Endeavor!)
For a moment, nobody made so much as a sound as the Net Ball hurtled towards the Combee. Even Colin seemed to have cut back on the buzzing as he noticed what was going on.

The ball struck Combee, sucking her inside in a flash of oddly net-like red light, and once Combee was inside, the ball snapped shut and fell to the ground. Keith held his breath as the ball wobbled back and forth. Back and forth. Even rolling onto its side at one point- Combee was really going down fighting here, a fact which only served to increase Keith's desire to have such an intense and strong-willed (and, let's face it, stubborn) Pokémon.

And then, a sight that could brighten the mood of any Pokémon Trainer- the ball stopped shaking, the button stopped blinking, and the device let out a low-pitched ping which could only mean one thing...

"All right!" Keith exclaimed, picking up the Net Ball and holding it up. "I just caught... a Combee!"

"Meowth, dat's right," Meowth added, still sounding all tired out.

"Yeah," Keith grinned, just gazing at the Net Ball containing his new Combee. "I think I'll call her Apamin." After a few moments, however, he turned his attention back to Meowth and Colin, both of whom had taken great damage from the Combee. "Alright, c'mere, guys," he added, digging out two of his ten Sitrus Berries, giving one to Meowth, and the other to his Yanmega.

And once they were both eating the berries, Keith finally turned his attention back to the Melitologist, who introduced herself as Audrey before apologizing for what happened, blaming herself for the Combee attack, as she had accidentally revealed her presence while studying them. She then voiced her shrewd suspicion that Keith had not stumbled upon this spot purely by accident.

"You're pretty perceptive, then," Keith nodded. "I came out here because I heard about the problems this area was having, with the declining Combee population, and the attempted fixes doing more harm than good, and I wanted to see if there was any way I could maybe help. My name is Keith, by the way," he added. "Keith Masters."

Keith used Net Ball!






All right! Combee was caught!

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