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Alright have been considering this for a while and I feel like it's time. I'm leaving ASB, I have had a great time here but I no longer need it and have other things I want to and need to spend my time on. Thanks to everyone who has made this an enjoyable experience, it was a great time kicking most of your asses (obviously excluding the people I was never able to beat, strangely this includes Zelphy). Here are the outlines for my leaving.

1. The only match I will be finishing is my Gym match against GX (sorry bud, not letting you off the hook.......). Every other match can feel free to DQ me.

2. All matches I'm reffing will need new refs, if the new refs need to bug me for notes then they can but don't expect a quick reply. New refs are to claim all the SP for themselves.

3. I will return to complete my legend match when the time comes, I've waited long enough for it lol.

4. I may return if/when a GM happens if you'll have me.

5. All my SP will be going to Chiko, as a thank you for all the times he let me kick his ass.

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