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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Bellossom

The layout for Queen Bellossom’s domain can be found here

Melissa – After splitting up with Vine in order to cover more ground quickly, you both come up empty handed since it would seem that this entire area is covered in sun. That is, except for the gazebo which you had saved for last. It is the only place that the sun doesn’t manage to hit because of the roof causing a nice shade inside so Vine huffs and brings your attention that way, toward the ‘tree’ blocking the entrance. He prepares himself for a fight as you approach as his tail becomes aqua in color.

You stand in front of the unmoving Sudowoodo and think the situation through a bit first, explaining to Vine that attacking the Pokemon would probably upset the queen. You take a moment to consider asking one of the gardeners if you could borrow the watering can but decide that maybe this Pokemon should be given a chance to move on its own without resorting to force. The Sudowoodo continues to look around uncomfortably as you ask it to move while letting it know you will resort to water if you have to. The Pokemon glaces over at Vine who is staring it straight in the eyes while wagging it’s Aqua Tail back and forth. Finally, the stillness is broken as the Sudowoodo makes a loud gulp sound out of nervousness and it begins to move aside. You use that opportunity to walk past it and enter the gazebo with Vine following you from behind. The Sudowoodo, however, wasn’t finished and extended its foot out just in time for Vine to trip and fall flat on its face. You are completely oblivious to that because you saw an envelope sitting on a bench and were too busy opening it up to read what’s written inside.

“Always in you, sometimes on you; if I surround you, I can kill you.”

Please post your reply by August 27th. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.
They squared off for another moment, watching the Sudowoodo glance over at Vine and his Aqua Tail. It gulped nervously and stepped aside. Melissa took the opportunity to walk past it and look around the gazebo, immediately spotting the envelope lying in plain view on the bench. She grinned, picking it up and opening it to read the next clue.
"Always in you, sometimes on you; if I surround you, I can kill you."
"Huh," she said after reading the new clue aloud. "That's...probably water, I think. What about you, Vine?"

She turned around and blinked. Vine...was glaring at the Sudowoodo, rubbing his snout with one hand while his green tail lashed like an angry cat's. His Tail flickered Aqua again as she watched and Melissa hurried over to pick him up. Flailing momentarily as his feet left the ground, Vine twisted until he could glare up at Melissa and then let himself fall limp, crossing his arms and grumbling as she carried him out of the gazebo with a nod at the Sudowoodo. His tail faded back to green under the sunlight and Melissa let him go once they were a good distance away from the gazebo.

"So, the new riddle." She read it to him again. "What do you think? Water, maybe?"

He shook from nose to tail and then eyed her skeptically.

"Well, we might not have been looking in the right places, since we were just looking for sunlight and shadows," she said, looking around and trying to figure out all the places that had water. "And I know I wasn't really paying the vases much attention, but they do hold water too, so it could have been hidden there."

Vine nodded thoughtfully and then pointed from himself to the path he'd taken earlier.

"It would be faster to search everything with water if we split up." Melissa glanced around, trying to get a general idea of how many flower vases were placed around the area. "Alright. Same paths and meet back at the entrance?"

Vine nodded his agreement and then darted off towards the first body of water he could see. Melissa turned and headed for the nearest vase. Now how would Peony have hidden the next clue without getting it wet?
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