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It takes a bit of effort for Terrance to stomach his current situation. Not least of all because he isn't terribly fond of the Radiant Forest to begin with, nor of the notion of having to drag Bracken along for whatever it is that your human Trainer has in mind.

While the Pansage practices his guitar solos, the deaf Timburr prepares to get some shut-eye, mercifully shielded from the auditory assault. But just as soon as sleep begins to overwhelm him, he feels something that isn't quite right. A slight tremor... growing progressively in intensity, until it becomes a veritable quake, making it very much impossible to get any sort of rest whatsoever, much to Terrance's annoyance. He gets up and looks around, trying to identify the cause of the commotion, until he sees it - well over twenty Whismur emerging like a regiment from behind the foliage of nearby bushes, marching towards Bracken; they lift up the rocker and carry him away in an altogether bizarre sight, a wave of pink washing over the green landscape and disappearing as fast as it'd come. Terrance blinks in astonishment, and now he's left wondering if he should give chase or just wait it out...

Bracken, meanwhile, is every bit as confused. One minute he was positively jamming on the strings, and the next he was up at the trees while being dragged atop a phalanx of silent Whismur in what was definitely a very strange kind of crowdsurfing - the kind where the crowd kidnaps you for whatever reason. At least they let him keep his guitar. And as the platoon marches onwards to whatever destination they have in mind, Pansage held up high in their collective stubby arms, Bracken is now faced with a choice of his own. Should he go wherever it is that he's being carried, if only to satisfy his own curiosity, or would it be wiser to resist and struggle his way back to Terrance, who is by now far behind?
Terrance was a bit annoyed that his sleep was getting interrupted. There was one thing for it being important, but there was another thing if the reason felt stupid. And this was a reason that felt stupid. A Horde of Whismur appeared out of nowhere, just outright picked up the Pansage he was with, and left. The fighting-type could only help but blink before realizing what was going on. Grabbing his word log, the Timburr started to make a run in the direction where the pink horde went. This was just fantastic. The stoner of a Pansage was probably enjoying being admired by a crowd. At least, the Timburr assumed it was admiration. This was definitely one of those times where him being deaf was more of a curse than a blessing. Whatever, he needed to just push onward.

Meanwhile, Bracken chilled out on top of the Whismur pile. It was nice to see that he got a nice reception despite only practicing. Though, where were they taking him? Eh, that wasn't important at this point. He was on vacation, with the weird deaf kid of the team, but vacation none the less. He's ready to just kick back and chill. At least he had his guitar, and continued to play a few chords to keep his crowd happy. That was the least he could do.

Back to Terrance, the Timburr stopped for a second to catch his breath. Surely they had to be around here somewhere? He could've just stayed and slept, but that probably would've been a bad thing to get separated from the only other Pokemon he knew. This damn jungle felt like a maze. Hopefully he would find them soon.

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