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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
((Thank you everyone for your patience while I was recovering from my heartache! You're all great. I apologise that these are a little short compared to my usual standard, but I need to get back into the flow of things. <3))


You accept the girl's offer, what reason would you have to decline? You had come to this place of your own free will, why wouldn't you feel accustomed to stay with such a lovely young maid. She smiles upon hearing you accept her offer, escorting you towards the table. Still, the thought of her apparent master was a little troubling... you were sure this castle was supposed to be abandoned, so what exactly was her deal? She seems to have sensed your fear, or at least your distrust of her. She glances towards you, especially following your request to move to somewhere more comfortable.

"Do you not like the manor that I have constructed?" She looks at you, but you feel as though she is looking through you. Her gaze makes you feel uncomfortable... besides, what does she mean by the manor that she constructed? It seems like an odd thing to say, especially considering there's no possible way that this young girl is older than you --- and the manor has been around for quite some time at this point.

"Master always says that my illusions are a little... unsavoury... I apologise." With that, the young girl snaps her fingers and the dining room around you begins to contort and change. The girl herself stays the same, but the scenery takes a drastic shift. The walls contort to a stale grey, weathered rocks missing large chunks from them, it appears as those you've moved into some sort of castle. You take it all in, the hallowed halls, the weathered stone... why were you here? You swore you had brought yourself to the mansion, why now were you in some sort of castle?

"You seem confused." She remarks. "I exist only to serve my master, and master wishes that we remain hidden." She looks somewhat anxious, shuffling her feet on the floor. "I probably shouldn't have been so foolish, disguising this as the manor was dumb of me. But I also have to wonder how you got turned around enough to come here instead of your original destination?" She smirks. "I should probably go find master now, but you're free to explore as you wish, Master Willows." With those last words, she snaps her fingers and disappears in a puff of black smoke.

It seems you have moved into the Castle of the Mad King, you are now free to explore this area. Please reply in Steelblue from this point forward. What would you like to do?

The teen watched as the mansion around him turned into a castle. It seemed that the house truly lived up to its name, being a lie. The maid explained that she was an illusionist of some sort, and that she had another Master to attend to. So she left him be, to explore the castle that he now found himself in. He could sense the aura of power and madness that the place gave off. The Castle of the Mad King, a place he didn't expect to go but was welcome to do so. Tricky and illusions were fun, but with enough ghost-types around they just become another daily occurrence. This, however, was exciting. A new place of mystery, of lunacy. What awaited here for him, he did not know.

He saw Wisp looking a bit scared. It wasn't like the Litwick to be afraid, or at least outwardly show it. Custer, on the other hand, had jumped into the trainer's shirt to hide. The Foongus was soft and squishy at least, so Austin didn't mind it. The faux-ginger could tell his Pokemon sensed the same aura that he did, yet were much more afraid of it than he was. This place reminded him of Unova, of Dragonspiral Tower. The architecture was similar, at least, based on the room that he was in. The maid girl said he was free to go, so where would he go? The most obvious answer, the throne room.

He made his way out of the room he was in, and looked through the halls of the castle. It felt untouched since the king's reign. That this was a piece of history, with memories long forgotten. Perhaps that was why this place resonated with him. The amnesiac him being, he could find solace in a place standing yet forgotten. Was it a bit sad? Yes. Yet, it was also comforting. There were very few things he could recall now before the fire. He was slowly regaining some of his memories, but only in bits and pieces. There was only a few details he really recalled, and those were of people presumed to be dead.

"William..." the teenager muttered. What happened to his friend? Where did he go? Perhaps only time would tell, but for now he made way towards the empty throne.

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