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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post

"Uh, I just fell down here from the train I was on... That's all. I'm not a mage..."


“Oh,” the boy’s grip loosens slightly as he gazes a bit more gloomy and you take the chance to create a bit of distance between you and the overly intimate spiritualist. You declare you saw some Pokémon earlier and are looking for them, asking the Hex Maniac if he might have seen them. The boy looks at you, slightly bewildered and sullen still before listlessly pointing into the distance behind.

You had your answer and you set out. You paid no mind to the Hex Maniac. If he wanted to follow he could but you weren’t going to force it out of him. His silence continues along with your own as you make your way around ruins of broken walls and shattered church towers, when suddenly the voice of the boy perks up behind you, shouting at you.

“Wait! I know how to get out!”

Just as before, the boy’s ecstatic expression was plastered across his face as he hurried towards you with incessant zealotry. He runs up to you in a flash put stops suddenly, just a mere few steps away. He stares in shock at the air up ahead of you – a view blocked to you by the nearvy wall – before sprinting with even more fervour in your direction. His expression had turned white as a sheet, fear having taken a hold of him. He closes in and you realise last-minute that he wasn’t going to slow down. It was too late for you to react by the time he had caught up and before you knew it he forcefully tackled you down to the ground. You want to move, reach up or shout out (whatever you prefer) but the boy pins you down and clasps a hand around your mask before placing a finger from his other against his lips. He urges you to move closer to the wall while he crawls himself. The two of you press yourself against the cobblestone. You didn’t know what was going on at first until a shadow grew across the ground. You looked up, the boy’s hand clasping itself around your mask once again just in case as you witnessed a giant hand floating gently above you - a hand twice the size of full-grown adults, made of elephant-grey skin and smooth, stocky fingers.

The hand continued its float above you before moving on and disappearing around a pile of stones. The boy didn’t let go of your mask for a few more moments though but when he felt it was safe to talk again he unclasped his hand and gave a huge sigh of relief.

“Those things,” he speaks in a quieter tone, “are the wardens of this place. They scour the land for those who don’t belong and destroy them.” He looks you dead in the eye. “That means you and me.” He gazes back into the distance to note if there are any signs of the hand re-emerging, then looks back at you, his Cheshire grin having near-returned. “The wardens are strong. Even if you managed to defeat one, the others will be alerted and come swarming to your place. They’re the sharks of the dead.”

“Now, about your quest. I know how to get out of this place. It’s easy for me to leave. I’m only channeling my spirit, so I can leave whenever I want to. But you, if you’re really not a spiritualist then you’re in deep trouble. You’re not going to find a way out unless you have my help.”

“There’s a legend,” he continues to explain, “that there’s an artefact in this realm. It was rumoured to be made by the gods themselves, and it was made in a different realm. The gods placed it here so that they may return if they were ever trapped here.”

“That artefact…" He pokes his head around the corner of the wall and looks out into the distance. His full grin returned again and he grabbed another excited hold of you. “I know where it is. It can help you get out.”

“You want to find those Pokémon first though, right? So how about we find your Pokémon, then go find the artefact and get you out of here? Even if you didn’t want my help, the other grey watchers will catch you if you’re on your own. You need my help.”

How does Austin respond?

Austin could only help but watch as the events unfolded before him. He was tackled, basically, into a wall to avoid some giant gray hand of death. Lastly, he was stuck with this kid, and had to find some kind of artifact? He just wanted to explore some decrepit amusement park, not get stuck in some spirit realm. But, if he wanted to get out of here, he needed to get the boy's help. That was something he couldn't negotiate, no matter how much he just wanted to wander through the sands by himself.

"Okay, fine. At this point I just want to go home..." he muttered in response to the Hex Maniac. This was already too much social interaction for one day. This place was supposed to be empty, yet the teen already had to deal with two people. At least the first guy seemed okay.

Austin looked up towards the sky, and wondered how that man was doing. Alex was his name, if he could recall correctly? It would've been a shame if the train crashed or something. Death already surrounded the brunette, he needed not to cause it for those he just met. He looked around and saw Wisp's light flickering, but the Litwick looked sad. There was more here than what met the eye, that was for certain.

Getting some distance between him and the overtly creepy boy, Austin looked over the landscape for the weird death hands. Why were they here? Were the Pokemon he saw earlier part of this realm too, or wandered he on accident? He felt a nagging feeling at the back of his mind, that something about this didn't feel all too real. Was this just a dream? He hoped so.

"So where is this thing?" he asked, his tone making it obvious that he needed space.

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