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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
But...I didn't bring the detail up. Your review wasn't that long, and the "[Specific twist] was fresh back then, but immediately became routine/cliche" is at least a third of what you've said about the game so far. Your one argument given for that is something that not only isn't true, but that you are now defending by saying "There's no way I would have known it's not true!"
If that's the are the distinguishing features of GSC as I see it:

-new types, breeding, location/atmosphere
-the ability to revisit Kanto as part of the postgame

But that's it. Nothing else is major enough to be noteworthy (new moves? Pokemon?) and everything else is a slower, more cumbersome grind than RBY without the iconic characters, music or novelty.

I've replayed RBY three times since last August, and a total of six times total, but this is the second time I've replayed Silver. I still haven't gotten sick of RBY despite acknowledging its limitations, but GSC never had enough positives and too many of the negatives of RBY to really justify much of a replay.

And that's one justification for why I skipped over RSE and DPP. By BW, I felt like there might be enough changes - along with a new gallery of organic-looking Pokemon designs - to jump on the hype train. And I really did like it a lot, and much more than GSC save a few things.
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