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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
"If you've played one Pokemon game, you've played them all" entitles me to make that comparison. You're criticizing me for not knowing one detail about RSE/DPP, when in spite of not having played games in those gens I already know the major mechanic changes and 90% of the format is consistent from gen to gen. You still bike, surf and fly. There's eight gym leaders, a team of bad guys, a rival, Elite Four and a champion. I played Gen 5, so it's not like I'm totally ignorant on how conservative Gamefreak is between gens.
But...I didn't bring the detail up. Your review wasn't that long, and the "[Specific twist] was fresh back then, but immediately became routine/cliche" is at least a third of what you've said about the game so far. Your one argument given for that is something that not only isn't true, but that you are now defending by saying "There's no way I would have known it's not true!"

Also, B2W2 is definitely not the same thing as GSC. In GSC, you have a new region, and then return to the first one in the postgame. There is no original Unova in the B2W2 postgame.

And I would say that the being wrong part is totally fine, and even the attempted deflection from your mistake. But what does irk me is that you were trying to capitalize on things that other people say to criticize the series. The opinions you give are not actually yours. Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż
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