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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
Who's ready for a new event co-ordinator? I know I am! I'll be picking up Raves, Meetan, Heather, Sandaa, and Schala. I know I'm coming off from Marion but I'll do my best!


You send your Snubull to sniff out the area around you as you start interacting with the Jirachi animatronic. You act as a crazed tourist as you take pictures and selfies with it, its robotic face never changing its eerie expression. Thinking that you've spent enough time with the robot, you go and try to find your Snubull. Just as you leave the animatronicm you feel your phone buzz. 1 New Text Message. Number Unknown.

"Please don't go."

Looking around, you look for anything strange. You know that you joked about the Phantom Isles, but that didn't suddenly mean this place had to transform into some place from there. Before you can respond, another message pops up, and then another, and another.

"Help me."

"I want out."

"Save me."

At this point you turn to look at the Jirachi animatronic, who's soulless eyes is staring directly at your's. You slowly put the phone down, and wonder what's going on. Is there a dead child in there? It didn't smell like rotting flesh, and was a bit too small to effectively stuff a dead body in.

Your phone buzzes once more, and this time its a picture. Looking at the picture, it was one of the selfies you took earlier. But instead of just the animatronic Jirachi behind you, you see a Shuppet floating where the head is. Close to a dead child, but not exactly one. Your phone buzzes once more.

"I've been trapped in this thing for weeks. There's something in here that prevents ghosts from shifting out. Please ma'am, help me."

This Shuppet might know something that could prove useful for you at night, and one of the last things you needed was a blood crazy robot running around trying to kill you.

What do you do?
((It's muh boi, Lit! <3 Glad to have you as an updater. You don't disappoint!))

Alice had been ready to go, curious as to what trouble Samantha might have sniffed out, dug up or otherwise discovered. However, her phone distracted her, and she really was one of those typical youths who rarely went without it. It had an unsurprising pink cover, which by now was a little worn. The number being unknown wasn't exactly an issue to her, but the content of the message was, and the blonde's stomach did a series of flips. Well, holy shit.

What the frick. What the everloving frickl-- what the actual fuck. W. T. F. What the--

Alice lowered her phone to subtly check the animatronic again. This time, she doesn't appreciate how it's looking at her, and when the phone goes she feels her anxiety skyrocket. Still, she's unable to resist, and the selfie explains enough. It also makes her feel less scared, although the story that followed made Alice feel incredibly upset. "You poor baby..."

The trainer is aware that security is insane, so she switches to text rather than talking, lest they be overheard. "Tonight, me and a bunch of others can come save you once the Casino's shut. If you let us know what's trapped you in there, and what we need to look out for so we don't get busted, freedom is all yours." She offered (but also wondered if this was a trick and she'd just fucked everything up), "My name's Alice and my Snubbull is Sammi. Do you know if there are any other Pokemon or people trapped in the Casino, or anything else shady that we should know? This place is pretty sketchy. Do you have a name?"
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