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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The battle with the Pumpkaboo trio went better than perhaps expected. Led on by the chivalrous Farfetch’d, the team held its own proudly, with each member playing an important role in the decisive victory, including the young Mimi, without whom the clash might have gone very, very differently. Now with renewed vigor, the team marches onwards, led by the dependable Farfetch’d who seems just as determined to reach the heart of the matter.

A dead heart, if the surroundings are anything to go by.

The deeper in they go, the less Radiant this Forest seems, once-mighty trees now shrivelled husks of their former selves, bushes deprived of foliage, grass dried to the point of resembling straw. If this is allowed to continue, the very geography of Incognito Isle may change irreparably, and as fate would have it, it falls on the tiny shoulders of three mismatched companions to prevent it.

“This is it,” solemnly announces Farfetch’d. “Our destination.”

It may have initially passed off as just more of the same desolation, but something is decidedly different up ahead: not trees per se, but massive spiked vines, each tall as a tower, thick as century-old trunks and countless in number, have erupted from the ground to form a sort of dome, preventing anyone from passing through and seeing what’s inside. And yet, that is precisely where Farfetch’d intends to go.

“The root of the evil that is slowly draining this forest’s life lies inside. We must find a way to break through this Frenzy Plant barrier!”
All three of them could see the extent of the damage that this mysterious foe had exacted, and it affected each one of them. Although Samantha did her best to put on a front, the hardness in her eyes and the bravery in her step seemed to lessen. Mimi felt it the worst. As young as she was, and psychic in her typing, Mimi felt the sadness of the forest keenly. It was like the pain of the very setting draped over her like a blanket. The ice fox simply shivered.

"This is terrible." Nina commented, blue eyes surveying the damage as they padded on. She came to a halt at the Farfetch'd's lead. "But I'm not sure how we can get in. It looks too great to climb, even with claws."
"It feels really strong..." Mimi whimpered, little hands fidgeting. The motions were awkward, but still had some sort of flow, almost as if she were conjuring a move or miming fluidly.
"We'll break through it." Samantha decided. It was the only thing for them to do seeing as nobody else had come to the forest's aid, and they couldn't turn back now. Nina wanted to question how she thought she was going to do that, but held her tongue. Instead, the fox watched the dog bound forth, teeth alighting once again with fire. Samantha's tactic was to sink her jaws in. She was going to start a wildfire over the dome if she could, burn through the weak-looking trunks. Mimi was right in that they didn't feel weak, but with any luck, the other three would make themselves useful.

"I suppose it's worth a try." Nina said. Approaching with more care, the Alolan took pause some distance back, leaning back on her haunches as she considered. "Mimi, sense for the weak spots, and use your psychic power to pull, or cause more breaks. If we can do that, we can try to take it apart from the inside out." She explained. The child nodded, and Nina took the lead, charging and using a moonblast a little distance above and away Samantha (not wanting to risk anything coming down or exploding on her if they'd misjudged their obstacle). Mimi simply did as told, trying to shake off the uneasiness gnawing at her senses, taking on a blue aura as she put her 'confusion' to use. They had managed before against scary odds, so surely they could do it again?
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