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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs


Your Woobat eagerly listens to your command and presses her nose up onto the door, using her echolocation to see if there was anything odd with the room. Indeed, there definitely seemed to be, so she made a cute little heart stamp on the door. She continued using her echolocation to stamp out bizarre spots wherever she could find them...and soon it seemed like most of the hallway was covered in cute little stamps. Your Woobat seemed to be a bit confused about the whole situation. Was something messing with her ability to echolocate? That seemed likely, but your Woobat continued to dutifully keep checking everything. Out of the collage of stamps, something peaks your interest. There are a couple of doors, right next to each other, with no stamps on them. This might seem like the opposite of what you were looking for, but if someone was messing with your ability to properly see what was in these rooms, then maybe whatever was being hidden was being hidden in the best way possible: in plain sight.

It seems like these rooms were the only rooms in this part of the hallway, and farther down it seems, that were left untouched. So there must be something hidden there, right? If everything else was a false positive, then this must be a false negative. Of course, opening doors down here could be a bad thing.

Your Woobat gained one level.

What will you do?

Ami's spirits rose when Nadie stamped the first door, then sank steadily as he marked more, and more, and more, and more of them. If they all came back as different, wouldn't that make them all the same?

She looked around as the Bat Pokemon continued their (increasingly confused) work, noting that all of the trainers seemed to have gone their separate ways even with the big man's offer. Not that it likely mattered too much- with everyone using different methods, it was likely that they would get different information, which would likely prove to be advantageous should everyone return for the true raid later in the day. For now, however, she needed to stay patient...

At long last, the woobat reached the intersection. "Alright Nadie, that's enough!" the girl called out, just loud enough for Nadie to hear but (hopefully) too quiet fro any hidden guards to pickup through the doors. She carefully scanned the doors as the pair headed back towards the each other. Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart. Hea- wait, nothing? And there, right next to it, was another unmarked portal! She couldn't help but smile. Sure, she was hoping that the stamps would be what tipped them off, but it doesn't change the fact that they had found what they were looking for: doors that were different from the rest.

Ami chuckled to herself as she reached for the knob of the unmarked door closest to the exit. She had to admit that whoever built this places had used a clever trick- if she had brought any other echolocating pokemon, she likely would've been fooled. She looked briefly over her shoulder to make sure to make sure her little hero was in fact behind her and nervously pushed the door open. Was it genuinely a Diamond hidden in the rough, or did they have a Club ready to swing down upon them...?

*Nadie was elevated from Lv. 20 to Lv. 21!*
*Nadie learned Air Cutter!*

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