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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
But uh do you mind explaining why you consider the Kanto surprise "routine?"
Yeah, I wanted to ask the same thing.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
The Kanto reveal was stunning, but that was also the first time Gamefreak pulled that twist. It became routine following GSC.
Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Each new gen or gen x.5 has included a pair of games where there's an option to return to the region of the previous gen. The first time Gamefreak did that was with GSC, and it was totally a surprise.
What on earth are you talking about ...? The only time in the games' history that we've ever had a two-regions-in-one package was Generation 2. Even when you remodel it as "returning to an older region in a later title" (per the second quote of your text), what you're saying still doesn't hold up.
  • Fire Red and Leaf Green (Kanto) came out in Gen 3 (Hoenn), following on Gen 2 (Johto).
  • Heart Gold and Soul Silver (Johto) came out in Gen 4 (Sinnoh), following on Gen 3 (Hoenn).
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Hoenn) came out in Gen 6 (Kalos), following on Gen 5 (Unova).
We've never had a game which came out in Generation n and took us back to the region debuted in Generation n-1. (Though I was hoping it was going to happen in Gen 7!)

Furthermore, all three of these are very clearly branded by the company -- and very well understood by most fans -- as re-releases of their original titles, not as "sequels" that "take us back to the region". There are minor narrative changes, with increasingly notability the newer the re-release, but at the end of the day it's the same story, the same world, the same game. No one looks at ORAS and goes, "Ah, we're returning to Hoenn " except in a nostalgic / poetic sense, an "Ah, my sweet, sweet Hoenn :')" from a child-turned-man who has fond memories of RuSa and has yearned for a chance to replay those games on modern hardware with modern graphics and other capabilities.

No one, and I mean no one except for you, has ever said, "What they pulled in GSC was novel back then but now it's old hat because they've done it every single generation." What they did in GSC wasn't just "Hey, we're going back to the old region! " It was, "Hey, we're going back to the old region ... in this same game ... on this same save file ... with this same timeskip." That -- all of that -- is what made it such a big deal. The 2-in-1. The revisit after time has passed. The revisit in the shoes of a new player character with a new team of Pokémon. And that, they have never done again. It can't possibly be "old hat." It's only been done the one time.
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