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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post

...Now I wonder if the reason Red is silent and holed up in Mt. Silver is bc his soul somehow got sucked out and transported into the new protagonist, leaving him an empty shell. *shot*
That's basically what really happened though! In-game, there's no connection between Red and Gold. The sensation if GSC being a "sequel" is only apparent to the player.

As the player there's a sense of loss because the 3 years between RBY and GSC are simply missing from personal experience. I had similar feelings toward Muv-Luv Alternative and Dangan Ronpa.

I also think GSC was particularly special because it came out in late 2000...less than a year before the real world changed irrevocably. It felt like the last, truly innocent adventure story.

I imagine many British feel this way about the Edwardian period before World War I. If you were 10 years old in 1914, your adolescence was defined by the Great War, your 20's defined by the recession to end all recessions, and your 30's defined by another awful war. Bipolar stability from the 1950's onward was not the kind of ignorant bliss that defined the British Empire before 1914 - once the innocence was lost, it never came back.

That's why I think this replay is kind of important. There is a strong tendency to lionize Gen 2, even though as early as April 2001 I thought Gen 2 sucked hard and Pokemon was in decline from the glory days of 1998.

It all feels really distant now.

Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post

Silver was the first (and only) Pokémon game I (legally) owned on cartridge. I have a lot of fond memories of it. Unfortunately when I booted up the game years later it crashed and all my data was wiped. =( RIP my Lv. 100 team. ;; (Kinda wonder if it's bc I had a glitched TELEPORTing Scyther thanks to my brother. =x)

Boy I remember breeding hell though. I tried both that and regular fishing method in vain search of a Shiny Corsola, but even with 3x Dodrio speed on Stadium it got tedious pretty fast. >.>;
I've been a parasite who has never owned a console, save a hand-held called Merlin: The 10th Quest. But breeding for me was never as targeted as it became for others in later gens, so this targeted breeding is a new thing for me. We didn't have resources like Bulbapedia or Smogon at our disposal so things really were like animal husbandry. Like, I knew about EVs because they were obvious - human trained Pokemon were stronger than wilds - but IVs were totally black box.
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