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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
I remember the first thing I did when I first returned to Kanto. I beelined directly for Pallet Town and went to see my (Ash's) mother. It was a very sobering moment because she didn't recognize me even though I was using the same name from RBY, and she was openly worrying about "her son". But she was welcoming to this stranger, anyway.

I didn't know the word then, but my heart definitely spoke Japanese at that moment.

...Now I wonder if the reason Red is silent and holed up in Mt. Silver is bc his soul somehow got sucked out and transported into the new protagonist, leaving him an empty shell. *shot*

Silver was the first (and only) Pokémon game I (legally) owned on cartridge. I have a lot of fond memories of it. Unfortunately when I booted up the game years later it crashed and all my data was wiped. =( RIP my Lv. 100 team. ;; (Kinda wonder if it's bc I had a glitched TELEPORTing Scyther thanks to my brother. =x)

Boy I remember breeding hell though. I tried both that and regular fishing method in vain search of a Shiny Corsola, but even with 3x Dodrio speed on Stadium it got tedious pretty fast. >.>;

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