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Loki told me he was breeding perfects for sale as early as Gen IV, so I presumed it was a possible (although labourious) affair. That said, holy crack is breeding painful (eww) in GSC. It takes forever, I'm wasting hours on eggs that don't do what I want them to.

Silver kind of sucks, and is not that fun to replay, but I've known that since I first played it. The game did not open up until the Kanto surprise, which somehow I was not spoiled on despite spending over a year at BMG. Aside from some new features, there just wasn't a lot of appeal to Johto bar its landscape. That's one thing I can appreciate in this review, the atmosphere of Johto feels like a retirement community or an "end of days" scenario like from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

I can understand why people might have craved some polish on it, both for the characters and gameplay. But they're also missing the trees for the forests. When I first played Silver, I found it an easier, lamer copypasta of RBY. But that's because it had to follow RBY. The Kanto reveal was stunning, but that was also the first time Gamefreak pulled that twist. It became routine following GSC.

I remember the first thing I did when I first returned to Kanto. I beelined directly for Pallet Town and went to see my (Ash's) mother. It was a very sobering moment because she didn't recognize me even though I was using the same name from RBY, and she was openly worrying about "her son". But she was welcoming to this stranger, anyway.

I didn't know the word then, but my heart definitely spoke Japanese at that moment.

今 信じあえる
あきらめない 心かさね
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