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Who's ready for a new event co-ordinator? I know I am! I'll be picking up Raves, Meetan, Heather, Sandaa, and Schala. I know I'm coming off from Marion but I'll do my best!


The Pupitar guard is more than happy to help you out, and starts to try and operate the Roulette Wheel for you. It seems that the machine hasn't seen much attention since the changing of staff and the old regulars seemed to have disappeared from the casino itself. The place, despite its glitz and glamour, was dull and lifeless. You watch as the machine eats your coins, and the Pupitar looks in amazement as you pull the lever. The ball rolls around, and around, and around... until it lands on Green Wynaut. A small flashing light over the machine starts to flash, signalling JACKPOT!!! The Pupitar's eyes widen, looking ecstatic. However, no coins come out from the machine. The Pupitar gives it a headbutt, but still it just flashes Jackpot. The Pupitar seems to disappear for awhile, and then comes back carrying some strange band on one of its horns. It seems to have been a Binding Band, and offers it to you. You quickly pocket it and thank the Pokemon, and the Jackpot light seems to stop. On further inspection of the item, you notice indentations, marks similar to cogs. Why would someone jam the machines? Maybe there were more in them then appeared?

Meanwhile, your Honchkrow flies down the path of FORTUNE. Many new attractions are in this shiny room, from new and improved slot machines, various card games, and even a designated smoking area. Patrons fill the room with laughs as they spend various Pokedollars on the new attraction. It seems that even the casino itself has moved on with the times, causing the old slots and roulette to be put before the diverging paths of FAME and FORTUNE. With all of the people here, it would be hard to sleuth without a trainer. Your Honchkrow flies back and relays what it has seen.

What do you do?


You send your Snubull to sniff out the area around you as you start interacting with the Jirachi animatronic. You act as a crazed tourist as you take pictures and selfies with it, its robotic face never changing its eerie expression. Thinking that you've spent enough time with the robot, you go and try to find your Snubull. Just as you leave the animatronicm you feel your phone buzz. 1 New Text Message. Number Unknown.

"Please don't go."

Looking around, you look for anything strange. You know that you joked about the Phantom Isles, but that didn't suddenly mean this place had to transform into some place from there. Before you can respond, another message pops up, and then another, and another.

"Help me."

"I want out."

"Save me."

At this point you turn to look at the Jirachi animatronic, who's soulless eyes is staring directly at your's. You slowly put the phone down, and wonder what's going on. Is there a dead child in there? It didn't smell like rotting flesh, and was a bit too small to effectively stuff a dead body in.

Your phone buzzes once more, and this time its a picture. Looking at the picture, it was one of the selfies you took earlier. But instead of just the animatronic Jirachi behind you, you see a Shuppet floating where the head is. Close to a dead child, but not exactly one. Your phone buzzes once more.

"I've been trapped in this thing for weeks. There's something in here that prevents ghosts from shifting out. Please ma'am, help me."

This Shuppet might know something that could prove useful for you at night, and one of the last things you needed was a blood crazy robot running around trying to kill you.

What do you do?


As you order your Misdreavus to do some reconnaissance, you sit down and play one of the new mobile games taking the realm by storm. Not long after you finish feeding your Magikarp, Magus appears in front of you and starts to explain his discoveries.

"There is something behind the suspicious patch, that much I can tell you. What though, I can't. There seems to be some sort of blocker on the ethereal there, and even using mental probing there's a strong barrier there. I suspect it has something to do with the Jirachi animatronic, as there are similar qualities to it. Yet, there is something inside of the robot too. What is there, I honestly can't say. If you want to try and figure out what's behind that patch, you'll need some brute force. At the moment the guard is a bit distracted over at the roulette, so even if you wanted to do so, I would high advise not to break into that place until the night time. At this point I would suggest it would be best to explorer other areas, there isn't much just the two of us can do here at once," he explains to you, giving the best explanation of his findings to you that he can.

It would seem that at this point there really wasn't much the two of you could do without possibly teeming up with others. Though, why was there such a strong anti-ghost and presumably anti-psychic barrier in this area. What could be hiding behind that patch of wall that could be so important to keep hidden from both the public and prying eyes. Perhaps the night will reveal answers the day can't. At this point, it looks like there isn't much else here for you. There were still the FAME and FORTUNE paths to as well.

What do you do?


You and your Aipom make a beeline towards the bathroom after heading down the FAME path. After giving Scurvy your plan, you heads towards the exit of the bathroom. As you leave through the door, you feel a small weight on your shoulder as the purple monkey already rejoin you. That was certainly quick. Were there no vents in there? Or they could've been too small for even an Aipom to go through. Regardless, you look over the FAME area.

There various attractions could be seen around the room. The areas they were in were distinct, but all of them looked fun and exciting. A central stage was easily noticeable in the room, where a variety of different music and comedy shows were held at various times of the day. A few restaurant entrances lined the walls, from an all-you-can-eat buffet to a steakhouse to even a karaoke bar. Some of those cheesy mall photo booths were littered around the floor, and they seemed popular with the tourists who swarmed the area. Of course, there was also the food court, which had a cheaper selection of foods that were everything but healthy. Lastly, you see an arcade for the younger kids, with a prize corner in it. Seems Jirachi was trying to promote gambling regardless of age.

You see a Pangoro and Miltank standing guard at the stage, seemingly nonchalant about their job. Security Cameras were placed to cover wide areas, and there were at least two at every restaurant entrance and even more in the floor proper. You notice a Persian and a Luxray commonly circling the room, and a Gardevoir sitting at the prize stand. Every so often, a Furret can be seen at the entrance to the arcade before disappearing again. It seems that this area is heavily guarded despite the only valuables being in the arcade. Yet, oddly, it felt that the guards frequented the stage more than the arcade. What was there? There wasn't a show going on at the moment.

What do you do?


After conversing with the eerily robotic woman and your Purrloin, the two of you decide to explore the rest of the floor. As you make your way through the central hall, you notice a sort of creepy Jirachi animatronic. A woman seems to be standing in front of it, looking at her phone and then the animatronic, perhaps she was texting her friend about how unnerving the attraction was? As you make your way down a bit further, you notice a suspicious patch in the wall, as if it was a door painted over and the handle removed before being filled in. A girl and her Misdreavus sit across from the patch, but they don't seem to be doing anything important. As you head towards the end of the hall, an all too familiar sight for most denizens of these lands appears. The infamous Starter Slots and Roulette Table. A man seems to be at the Roulette Table with the Pupitar guard, who looked to miss the days of being a Larvitar. Suddenly, a Honckrow appears and swoops down to perch on the Man's shoulder. Looking at the direction the bird came from, you notice a hallway with the word FORTUNE hanging over head. The other pathway has the word FAME hanging above it. At this point, Nyx started to claw towards the FORTUNE hall. Maybe it was the Purrloin's natural instinct for theft or money, or it could just be her being a cat. Regardless, it was one of the two places to explore.

What do you do?

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