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Robin's Bag:

Key Items
Pokédex (A device that has data on every currently discovered Pokémon.)

Berry Bag (A bag that's designed to carefully contain various berries inside.)

Coin Case (A case that used to be able to carry a large amount of coins.)

Pokéblock Case (A case used to store various Pokéblocks.)

Silver Medal (A medal awarded for placing second in the Electric Masters Tournament.)

Fishing Rod (A high quality fishing rod that can be used to fish for aquatic Pokémon.)

Sophie's Amulet (A special amulet gifted to Robin from her best friend, Sophie.)

Olivia's Badge (A strange badge previous owned by an admin of Team Catalyst. In the center rests a keystone.)

5/5 Pokéballs

Held Items
Bunny Suit


TM Return


Evolution Items
Leaf Stone


Mega Stones/Accessories



Anna's Bag:
Currently being sorted.

Roxie's Bag:
Currently being sorted.

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