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The Terror of Isshin Forest

"Umm, are you ok? You've uhh...been pacing for a while." Tessa said.

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Robin apologized, slightly embarrassed that the Cosplay Pikachu had noticed.
"It's just...I'm a bit all."

"Umm...nervous? I don't think you have anything to be nervous of..." Tessa murmured. "Uh, I're just helping Anna..right?"

"I know, but...are you sure I look ok?" The young trainer asked, gesturing to her new outfit.

"I looks great." Tessa smiled.

"You mean it?" Robin questioned.

"Yep." The Cosplay Pikachu nodded. Even if she didn't mean it, there was no way Tessa would even dare say it.
Yesterday, it had taken her trainer over an hour just to find something she was comfortable wearing. She knew, because Cayenne wouldn't stop ranting to her about it the entire time.

"Alright.....let's double check some things then." Robin said as she went to inspect her new handbag.

"Pokedex...check." She said, pulling out a new Kanto model Pokedex she had purchased yesterday.
"Pokegear...check....extra Pokeballs...ok, I think we're good." The young trainer smiled as she threw her new bag over her shoulder.

"Oh umm...I don't think I've uh....ever seen you this prepared..." Tessa murmured.

"Huh? I-Is that a bad thing?" Robin questioned, adjusting her visor as she did so.

"It's's umm....a nice change of pace. To me at least." The cosplay Pikachu replied.

"Alright, if you say so. Now let's get going, we shouldn't keep Anna waiting." Robin said, before taking her leave from Isitsubute Cave.
Isshin Village
Approaching the door to the Mayor's house, Robin could feel her heart racing. What if Anna wasn't home? Maybe she had simply picked someone better to help her capture a Pokemon? These fears proved to be for naught, for as soon as Robin gave a knock, the door swung open, revealing the woman inside.
She was wearing her classic brown sunhat, as well as the new backpack she had bought yesterday. Upon noticing Robin, her face instantly lit up, and she nearly knocked the young trainer over as she pulled into her a hug, causing Robin to cry out in surprise.

"Oh I'm sorry....I think I got a bit carried away." Anna apologized, before pulling away from her friend.

"It's ok." Robin replied. "So..I'm guessing you're ready to go?"

"You bet! I was hardly able to sleep last night." Anna smiled.
"So w- oh, you brought your Pikachu!" Anna exclaimed as she noticed Tessa beside her trainer, causing the Cosplay Pikachu to blush.
"I've got to give this a try then!" She added as she grabbed her new Pokedex from her bag.
"Pikachu, the mouse Pokemon. An Electric type." The Pokedex droned. "It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs. This is a special variety, known as a Cosplay Pikachu."

"Cosplay Pikachu?" Anna questioned.

"A Cosplay Pikachu is a Pikachu able to draw forth power from special costumes, in order to perform moves most Pikachu are incapable of learning." The Pokedex droned, as if to answer Anna's question.

"So that's why you were wearing that cute costume earlier." Anna smiled at Tessa.

"Yeah. know this area better then me. Where should we go to get your first Pokemon?" Robin questioned.

"Well....I was asking Owen yesterday...and he said Isshin forest has a lot of Pokemon living there." Anna explained. "So, how about we go there?"

"Isshin forest? That sounds like a good place to start." Robin nodded. "So...where is it exactly?"

"Oh that's easy. It's just east from here." Anna replied. "I'll show you the way, so let's go!"
Isshin Forest (Entrance)
"So this is Isshin forest..." Anna murmured as she gazed at the hundreds of trees lying in front of her.

"You've never been here?" Robin questioned.

"No." Anna shook her head. "I've always wanted to, but I was never allowed."

"I see...well there's a first for everything." Robin replied.

"Yeah. This will be like it's own adventure! I can't wait!" Anna exclaimed.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's hurry inside." Robin said. Glancing back to make sure Tessa was still following, Robin made her way into the forest, Anna following right beside her.

Upon entering the forest, both Robin and Tessa seemed quite relieved at the sight of a dirt path, which seemed to guide any travelers through the dark and slightly mysterious area.

"Oh wow, this place is so cool!" Anna exclaimed as began to admire her surroundings.

"Shhhh. We need to be quiet." Robin cautioned. "We don't want to scare off any Pokemon."

"'re right. Sorry." Anna whispered, trying her best to remain as quiet as possible.

Tip toeing along the path, Anna made sure to keep her eyes peeled for the sight of any Pokemon that could potentially be hiding within the plant life. But unfortunately for her, not a soul could be found as she continued to follow Robin and Tessa deeper into the woods.
After a few minutes of walking, the pair found themselves at a fork in the road. The left path seemed rather clean and straight forward, while the one on the right barely looked like a path at all. With tree branches and prickle bushes poking out through the road, it was clear to see which path was more frequently used.
But of course, their choice wasn't all so simple. Guarding the left path was a large web of thick silk. Whoever it's owner was, it was clear it didn't want anyone passing through.

"So..which way are we going?" Anna whispered.

"I don't know. The left path will probably be safer." Robin replied. "I can always have Cayenne burn down the web for us. But it's up to you."

Giving it some thought, Anna was about to pick a path, when the sound of ruffling leaves could be heard, drawing the groups attention to it. Peaking out from the right path was a Sewaddle, who began to scurry over to the group with interest.

Curious about the creature, Anna grabbed her Pokedex from her bag, before scanning the Pokemon in front of her.

"Sewaddle, the sewing Pokemon. A Bug and Grass type." The Pokedex droned.
"This Pokémon makes clothes for itself. It chews up leaves and sews them with sticky thread extruded from its mouth."

"Well hi there little one, aren't you a cutie." Anna smiled as she leaned down toward the sewing Pokemon.

At that moment, Sewaddle lunged at the woman, striking her leg and causing her to fall backwards. The sewing Pokemon then began to crawl down the right path, slowly leaving the groups sight.

"Don't just stand there Robin, we've got to go after it!" Anna exclaimed as she rose to her feet. Without waiting for a response, Anna began to run as fast as possible down the right path, seeming not to care about the spikes that stuck out through out the path.

Giving Tessa a small shrug, Robin began to give chase, albeit much more carefully then her friend had.

After weaving through countless obstacles, the group eventually found themselves at a large clearing. At the center stood the Sewaddle from before.

"I've finally found you! You're not going to get away this time!" Anna exclaimed, before turning to Robin.

"Can I borrow Cayenne? I need to weaken a Pokemon before catching it, right?"

" you are." Robin replied, handing the Torchic's ball to Anna from her bag.

"Ok I can do this....Cayenne let's go!" Anna called as she threw the Torchic's ball in front of her. From the ball materialized Cayenne, who began to bounce in excitement upon noticing the Pokemon in front of it.

"Ok Cayenne..I need you to listen to Anna for a that ok?" Robin questioned.

"Of course!" Cayenne chirped. "I'm willing to give it my all, no matter what!"

"Cayenne use....wait what moves do you know?" Anna questioned.

"He knows Scratch, Growl, Ember, Hidden Power and Bounce" Robin replied.

"Ok then...Cayenne use Ember!" Anna ordered.

Eager to begin things, Cayenne started to gather fire energy in his beak, before spewing a few small fireballs out at his opponent!

Watching as the fireballs began to head it's way, the Sewaddle shot a sticky string of silk at a tree branch hanging above it. The sewing Pokemon then began to reel itself up, narrowly avoiding Cayenne's attack!

The Sewaddle then began to swing on the branch, before cutting the string shot, sending it plummeting towards Cayenne with a powerful Tackle!

Upon making impact with the Sewaddle, Cayenne was sent flying backwards! Landing on his feet, the Torchic faced his opponent with even more determination then before! Preparing for his next attack, the Torchic stopped as the Sewaddle in front of him let out a loud cry!

At the Sewaddle's call, the sound of rustling could be heard around the group, before eight Swadloon emerged from all around them! At the sound of even more rustling, everyone's attention was turned to a massive Leavanny who had just revealed itself.
Letting out a sharp cry, the massive nurturing Pokemon began to approach Robin and the others, the eight Swadloon's following suit.

The Sewaddle, had it purposely lead them into a trap? Robin wasn't quite sure...but she didn't really have the time to figure it out. She had to deal with the oncoming Bug Pokemon.

Grabbing a regular Pokeball from her bag, Robin tossed it in the air, revealing a Jolteon to be inside.

Taking one look at the giant Leavanny approaching it, Hazel began to shake, but stood his ground. He had to be strong...he had to keep his trainer safe!

"Let's stay calm everyone. Cayenne use Ember on Leavanny, Tessa use Iron Tail on Swadloon and Hazel use Discharge!" Robin exclaimed.

Starting the round off, Hazel began to collect electrical energy in his body, before releasing the electricity throughout the area striking every Pokemon currently in battle! This proved to be rather unfortunate for Cayenne, who let out a sharp cry as the powerful electrical attack sent him stumbling backwards.
Tessa seemed to benefit from the attack, using her tail as a Lightning Rod in order to absorb the electricity, boosting her special attack power!

Angered by the attack, the giant Leavanny coated it's arm in green energy, before slashing at Tessa, scoring a direct hit on the Cosplay Pikachu and sending her flying into a nearby tree!

Chasing after the Cosplay Pikachu, the eight Swadloon's lunged at Tessa, taking there turns to deliver Tackle after Tackle on the mouse Pokemon!

With her tail glowing in a metalic aura, Tessa swung it out at the Swadloon surrounding her, knocking a fair few back! But as she rose back to her feet, it was clear to see that Tessa wouldn't be able to stand for much longer! Already the Cosplay Pikachu was starting to wobble....

Not willing to be left out of the action, Cayenne began to collect more fire energy in his beak, before spewing several embers out at Leavanny, causing the nurturing Pokemon to cry out, before Slashing at Cayenne, sending the Torchic tumbling backwards.

"I-I'm so sorry Robin...if I hadn't chased after that Sewaddle..." Anna murmured.

"It's fine...we're going to get out of this." Robin replied, though she wasn't so sure of the words she was saying. Was there anyway to beat all ten of these Pokemon? Wait no..make that nine. In the resulting chaos, it had just registered to Robin that the Sewaddle Anna had chased had entirely disappeared!

Regardless, nine Pokemon was still too much for even Hazel, she realized. There had to be a way to end things much more easily. Pondering it for a moment, a sudden idea sprung into Robin's mind. If they could take out the groups leader, the Swadloon would surely flee, right?
It was definitely worth a shot! The only problem was making sure the Swadloon didn't get in the way...

"Tessa!" Robin called out the Cosplay Pikachu. "Think you can handle those Swadloon for a bit?"

"What?! I uh...don't think so..." Tessa replied. "But I'll uh..try my best."

"Perfect. Ok then...Cayenne use Ember then Bounce. Hazel use Pin Missile and Double Edge!" Robin ordered.

Hazel was once again the first to act! The Jolteon began to gather bug energy inside his body, causing his fur to stand on end! From his pointy fur, five missiles of energy shot out, before homing in on Leavanny!
Though it tried it's best to evade Hazel's attack, the nurturing Pokemon was struck by all five missiles of bug energy, causing it to let out a pained cry!

In retaliation, Leavanny began to cross both it's arms, coating them in bug energy in the process. The giant nurturing Pokemon then swiped it's arms at Hazel, sending the Jolteon stumbling backwards.

Over with the Swadloon, Tessa began to coat her fist in electricity, before swinging at her opponents with a powerful Thunder Punch!
Unfortunately for the Cosplay Pikachu, the swarm of Swadloon were too fast for her, and managed to easily avoid the oncoming attack.

With Tessa left wide open, one of the Swadloon took the opportunity to let off a Razor Leaf attack, sending the Cosplay Pikachu flying back into the tree.

This was bad, Tessa realized upon rising to her feet. With what little energy she had left, there was no way she could take on all eight Swadloon that were facing her. But she didn't have to, right? Her trainer had said to handle them for a maybe she just needed to distract them.
That would work, wouldn't it? With nothing else coming to mind, Tessa decided to put her plan to action. Giving her trainer one last look, Tessa turned around, before sprinting off deeper into the forest! This seemed to anger some of the Swadloon, and soon six of the eight leaf-wrapped Pokemon began to give chase to Tessa!
The remaining Swadloon instead opted to join the battle against Hazel and Cayenne, each firing a powerful Razor Leaf attack their opponents way!
Weaving her way through bushes and tree branches, Tessa continued to run as fast as she could. Turning back for a moment, she noticed the six Swadloon hot on her trail. The leaf-wrapped Pokemon were surprisingly fast..almost too fast!
And everything seemed too bright for a forest, Tessa realized. Had someone cast a Sunny Day? That would certainly explain why her opponents were moving so fast, their Chlorophyll ability had kicked in!

Happy that she managed to reach that conclusion, Tessa's attention to what was ahead disappeared entirely, and before she knew it, the Cosplay Pikachu had crashed into something!

Or someone as it turned out, for as Tessa began to rise, her eyes caught the sight of the young man she had crashed into. She definitely recognized him from somewhere, she realized, before it suddenly clicked with her.
She had seen him back at the festival in Isshin village...Owen was it?

" where you're going. Owen murmured as he picked himself up off the ground.
"Wait a minute...I've seen you're Robin's Pikachu, right?"

"Right." Tessa nodded.

"That means Robin must be here! Can you take me to her? It's an emergency." Owen explained. "You see, I was researching something in the forest wh-" Owen continued, but stopped as he noticed six angry Swadloon's surround them.

"Ah! T-they're back!" The man exclaimed. "Y-you know some moves right...t-then do something!"

Owen had a point, she did know some moves, and she probably could help. But in her condition, Tessa doubted she could beat even one Swadloon.
Fortunately for Tessa, she didn't have to, for as the leaf-wrapped Pokemon continued to close in on the pair, an Emolga glided into view! Not wasting any time, the Emolga slammed into three Swadloon with a powerful Aerial Ace! Turning to the other Swadloon, the Emolga leaped into the air, before performing another Aerial Ace.

Once he was finished, the Emolga turned to Tessa, a small smirk on his face.
"Hello there, you can thank me for saving your life. So how about you repay the favor by going out with me? I'm sure you won't regret it."

"Huh, Voltaire?!" Tessa exclaimed.

"Tessa! I'm sorry, I didn't notice it was you for a second...I was probably too overwhelmed by your beauty." Voltaire replied. "My offer still stands though..about the date, I mean."

" thanks..." The Cosplay Pikachu murmured.

"Oh was worth a shot." Voltaire chuckled, unaware of one of the Swadloon approaching him.

"Uh, Voltaire...behind you!" Tessa warned.

But the Cosplay Pikachu's warning was for naught, for as soon as the words left her mouth, a strange Diglett popped out of the ground, before delivering a Scratch attack to the Swadloon, sending it tumbling back.

"Ah, Pa, just in time." Voltaire smiled as he noticed the Alolan Diglett.
"Pa, this is one of my....teammates Tessa, Tessa this is one of my friends, Pa."

"'s nice to meet you." Tessa said, giving the Diglett a small wave.
"The pleasure is all mine Tessa, but I'm afraid Voltaire misspoke. My name is Papahānaumoku" Pa explained.

"O-ok...." Tessa murmured.

"I'm sorry, you must be very confused about what's going on, huh?" Pa asked Owen in perfect English.

"Ah! A talking Diglett!" Owen exclaimed.

"Yes, well it's not that weird. My name is Papahānaumoku." The Alolan Diglett explained.

"Papah-who? I'm sorry, it's a pretty long name..." Owen murmured

"If it's really that difficult for you, then Pa is ok." Pa replied.

"So do you uh...find us?" Tessa questioned.

"Why I could find a pretty face like yours from anywhere." Voltaire smiled.

"He's lying. I was the one that suggested we come here." Pa explained.

"Yeah, after taking us way out of our way!" The Emolga exclaimed.

"Did not, that was you that told me to take the left exit, I told you the right exit would take us to Cloud Garden." Pa replied.

As the two continued to argue, Tessa turned her attention to the sound of rustling. It seemed the Swadloon from before were starting to rise from the ground, and they seemed rather angry!

"Looks like they're ready for round two. No need to worry Tessa, I'll be sure to protect you." Voltaire said, giving the Cosplay Pikachu a wink.
"Cayenne!" Robin called as the Torchic was struck with a powerful Leaf Blade, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Things weren't looking too good for Cayenne and Hazel. Thanks to the Sunny Day above them, their opponents were much to fast for either of them to keep up, and every attack hit as hard as a truck!

But not everything was going in Leavanny's favor either. With Sunny Day still in effect, Cayenne's fire attacks were even more powerful, and the Torchic had managed to soften up the two remaining Swadloon considerably.

"Alright... Hazel use Quick Attack and Pin Missile on Leavanny. Cayenne use Ember twice on Swadloon!

Starting the round off, Hazel sprinted towards Leavanny as fast as his legs could carry him, before slamming into the nurturing Pokemon!

Letting out a sharp cry, Leavanny released a flurry of sharp leaves out towards it's opponent. Following their leader, the pair of Swadloon fired their own Razor Leaf attacks at Hazel and Cayenne! Unable to react in time, the pair cried out as the storm of razor sharp leaves cut into their flesh!

Determined to win, Cayenne started to collect fire energy in his beak, before spewing several small embers out at one of the Swadloon! Under the power of the Sunny Day, the Torchic's flames grew even hotter, and Swadloon couldn't help but let out a screech as the embers scorched it's body, causing it to tumble over in defeat!

Eager to avenge the fallen Swadloon, Leavanny began to gather energy from the artificial sun, it's entire body glowing in light.

Robin recognized the was Solar Beam! Such a move would surely be devastating to Hazel and Cayenne, and she was unsure if either of them would even be able to stand after.

As the nurturing Pokemon prepared to launch the powerful beam of energy, a shrill cry could be heard from above. Robin and Anna watched as a Sewaddle came falling from a tree, before slamming into Leavanny with a Tackle!
This seemed to throw the nurturing Pokemon off balance, and as it fired the solar beam, the ray of energy flew past it's target, instead destroying a few tree branches. This seemed to startle a few Starly, who quickly flew away, but otherwise the attack proved useless.

Angered by Sewaddle's defiance, Leavanny sent the sewing Pokemon flying with a powerful Slash!

"Sewaddle!" Anna called out as she ran over to the sewing Pokemon, before scooping it into her arms.
"Sewaddle, are you ok?" Anna questioned.
But the Sewaddle didn't answer, seemingly much to weak to even squirm out of the woman's grasp.

With this going on, Hazel took the opportunity to attack again! The Jolteon began to gather bug energy inside his body, causing his fur to stand on end! From his pointy fur, five missiles of energy shot out, before homing in on Leavanny!
Letting out a pained cry, the nurturing Pokemon stumbled backwards as all five missiles of bug energy dug into it's body.

For his second attack, Cayenne released even more embers from his beak, scorching Swadloon and causing the leaf-wrapped Pokemon to be sent tumbling back!
Trying to recover from the powerful fire attack, Swadloon was completely unprepared as an Emolga smashed into it with an Aerial Ace attack, causing the leaf-wrapped Pokemon to fall over in defeat.
Following the Emolga, Tessa, Owen and an Alolan Diglett emerged from the bushes, before joining the rest of the group.

"Tessa, I'm glad you're ok." Robin smiled. She was tempted to greet Voltaire as well, but she knew the Emolga wouldn't recognize instead the young trainer turned her attention to the others.

"Owen!" Anna exclaimed as she rushed over to her friend, Sewaddle still in her arms. "What are you doing out here? And how did you manage to find us?"

"We can save that for another time. For now, how about we contend with this beast." Owen suggested.

"Good point." Anna nodded, though she wasn't quite sure how she could contend with the beast. Or Owen either, for that matter. The only one who had any Pokemon was Robin, and so that responsibility fell to her.

"Look, I know you're not my trainer, but I'm willing to listen to your orders for now." Voltaire said.

"Thanks." Robin said, before turning back to the battle at hand.

"Ok, Hazel use Quick Attack, Tessa use Iron Tail, Voltaire use Aerial Ace, Cayenne go with Ember, and Diglett...use your best attack!" Robin ordered.

Starting things off, Hazel raced towards Leavanny before crashing into the nurturing Pokemon, dealing a small amount of damage to it, and sending it stumbling back.

Angered by the Jolteon's assault, Leavanny coated it's arm in grass energy, before swinging it at Hazel.

At the same time, Tessa jumped into the air, her tail coated in metalic energy. As Leavnny's arm swung at Hazel, Tessa threw her tail in front of the attack. After clashing for a moment, the two Pokemon flew back slightly, neither attack more powerful then the other!

Seizing the opportunity to attack, Voltaire leaped as high as he could, before gliding towards the nurturing Pokemon at a blinding speed. Just as he reached his opponent, Voltaire changed his course, instead striking Leavanny from the side, causing it top cry out in surprise.

With Leavanny left wide open to attack, Pa quickly burrowed through the ground, before reaching his opponent. Though the Alolan Diglett's attack didn't do much damage, it did manage to capture Leavanny's attention!

Coating it's arm in grass energy, the nurturing Pokemon struck Pa with a powerful Leaf Blade attack, sending him falling back.

Hoping to get in on the action, Cayenne fired several embers at his opponent, their power increased under the harsh rays of sun light. Upon striking the Leavanny, the terror of Isshin forest let out a final pained cry, before falling over in defeat.

As the nurturing Pokemon hit the ground, the artificial sunlight it had created began to fade, turning the forest back to it's gloomy self.

"Yay, we did it! We actually beat that thing!" Anna exclaimed. "Or...I guess you did and Owen kind of just watched..."

"It's ok, I'm just glad everyone is ok." Robin smiled.

"Well now that that's over...Tessa I've been meaning to ask you something." Voltaire said as he approached the Cosplay Pikachu.
"Me and Pa here are looking for our trainer, so how about we work together? I'm sure you're missing him too."

"Oh umm..." Tessa murmured. "Well actually...." The Pikachu continued as she whispered something into the Emolga's ear.

As this was going on, Anna felt Sewaddle began to stir, before opening it's eyes. Upon noticing just where he was, the sewing Pokemon wriggled free of the woman's grasp, before jumping back onto the ground.

"Sewaddle, I'm so glad you're ok..I was really worried." Anna smiled at the sewing Pokemon.

Upon hearing her words, the Sewaddle's face fell, and it began to murmur something Anna couldn't understand.

"Sewaddle said he's sorry for deceiving us...and that he doesn't deserve your sympathy." Robin translated.

"Nonsense. You stood up to Leavanny in the end right? I think that was pretty brave."

As the Sewaddle began to murmur another response, Robin continued to translate.
"He says that he isn't brave at all, he was a coward working for that Leavanny."

"Wow, you really weren't kidding when you said you could understand some Pokemon." Owen said. "That's kind of amazing really, I'm going to have to study up on that sometime."

As Anna and the Sewaddle continued to talk, Robin's attention was turned to Voltaire as the Emolga called out to her.

"Hey umm...sorry about earlier. Tessa explained everything to me." Voltaire said.
"This is still kind of weird and all...and I don't know if I can get used to this. But I know I've had quite a few fun adventures with you so...if you'll have me back, I'd love to rejoin the team."

"Of course, welcome back Voltaire." Robin smiled.
"But, what about your friend there?" She asked a moment later. "What are they going to do."

"Well he's going to be joining us! If that's ok obviously." Voltaire replied.

"It's not, I'm afraid." Pa said, startling both Voltaire and Robin.

"What do you mean Pa? We've been adventuring together for months! I even lost everything from my trip to Springtide! You can't tell me your not ok with this!" The Emolga exclaimed.

"You requested my help in finding your trainer. It seems that you two have reunited, and as such, our companionship has come to a close." Pa explained.

"A deity of the earth cannot simply stay put, especially under the ownership of a trainer, that's just how it is."

" can't! I won't allow it!" Voltaire exclaimed.

"Votaire, if he doesn't want to join us, he doesn't have to." Robin said.

"See, your trainer makes a good point, so I must be off. My Pokeball please." The Diglett requested.

"It's with that guy, remember?" Voltaire said, pointing to Owen. During their battle with the Swadloon, the pair had entrusted Pa's Pokeball with the man.

"Right then. Farewell Voltaire, it's been wonderful." The Diglett said, before burrowing off towards Owen.

With the Diglett now gone, both Cayenne and Hazel walked over to Voltaire. Cayenne seemed super happy to have the Emolga on the team, while Hazel just seemed relieved to see another old face.

Now that that was settled, Robin turned back to Anna and Sewaddle, who seemed to have stopped talking.

"So..what did I miss?" The young trainer asked.

"I'm not sure...Sewaddle's been trying to say something, but not quite sure what." Anna explained.

After consulting the sewing Pokemon, Robin turned back to Anna, a small smile on her face. "Sewaddle says that he wants to go with you..if you'll have him." She explained.

"Really? truly want to go with me?" Anna questioned.

In response, the sewing Pokemon gave a brief nod, before smiling at the woman.

"Ok...ok then!" She exclaimed, before digging through her backpack. After a moment, Anna produced a Nest Ball from the bag.

Leaning down, Anna tapped the Sewaddle with the ball, and the sewing Pokemon was instantly absorbed inside. After shaking for a moment, the ball made a small noise, confirming that the Sewaddle had been captured.

"Yes, I just caught my first Pokemon!" Anna exclaimed as she held the Nest Ball high above her head.

"Congratulations." Robin smiled.

"Yeah, you definitely earned that one." Owen added.

"Thank you, Robin, Owen." Anna said, before giving Owen a perplexed look.
"I know I asked earlier, but just what were you doing here?"

"Well, you remember how I suggested you come here to find a Pokemon, right? Well afterwards, I decided to do more research into the area." Owen explained.
"It turns out several people around here had reported a Pokemon much larger then usual attacking various people and Pokemon who entered. So I decided to investigate."

"Without any Pokemon?" Robin questioned.

"Yeah, I know it was foolish, but my curiosity got the better of me." Owen admitted. "Anyway, I managed to run into the beast, and long story short, I ended up having to hide. That's when I ran into your Pikachu and the Emolga and Diglett...and well the rest you already know."

" that thing has been attacking others then?" Anna asked

"That's what I said. So I guess by stopping it...we're heroes!" Owen exclaimed.
"Or rather..I guess Robin is, we didn't really do anything." The man admitted.
"So uh, thanks for saving us again."

"A hero? I don't think I'd go that far..." Robin murmured. "But thanks anyway. Now...we should probably get going."

"Yeah, we shouldn't stay here to long." Owen nodded. "The exit should be...this way." He said, before walking off, leaving Robin and Anna behind.

"Anna, aren't you going to let out your new Pokemon? Or give it a nickname?" Robin questioned.

"Oh right, I nearly forgot." Anna chuckled as she lightly tossed the Nest Ball on the ground, causing her new Sewaddle to emerge.
Giving his trainer a smile, the sewing Pokemon jumped onto her arm, before crawling up onto her shoulder.

"Hi there little one....I was thinking of a name for you." Anna explained. "How does Leif sound?"

In response, the Sewaddle gave a nod, showing his approval of the name."

"Ok then...welcome aboard Leif." Anna smiled. With that, she took off after Owen, Leif clinging to her shoulder the entire time.

Glancing back to make sure her Pokemon were following, Robin chased after the others.

Today had been a good day, she realized. She had stopped a giant Leavanny, and had been reunited with another one of her Pokemon. On top of that, she had managed to help Anna capture her very first Pokemon.
For once, things were starting to look up for her.

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