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The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs


Your Gastly complies, curious onto what is going here as well, and turns invisible, going through one of the doors. You wait patiently for him, so that you know which rooms to look in and which ones to avoid. Five minutes turn into ten minutes, which turn into fifteen, and you notice that other people have already started to pursue their own options. That's odd, where is your Gastly? Not all of these rooms could be empty, could they? That's preposterous. There had to be something down here, after all. You wander around a bit, aimlessly as you notice all the bizarre stamps on the walls. Why was the Woobat doing that, you wonder. You walk in front of one door, and something about it feels rather odd to you. Maybe its because you're a monk and have some manner of spiritual training, but you feel some kind of dread coming from the other side of the door. Of course, that means it must be investigated, right? You walk forwards a little before catching yourself. The feeling was gone. What, exactly, was that?

Suddenly, you see your Gastly in front of you. It seems to be leading you to the door, saying there is something on the other side of it. That feeling of dread you felt before though makes you a bit hesitant on going in. Of course, it was your Gastly trying to get you to move forward, almost eagerly so, so maybe it was just you being a little nervous?

What will you do?
Despite being aware of Shiou's innate ability to materialize and vanish at will, Sai was yet to get used to the Gastly's sudden appearances. And after a good while of waiting, he was naturally startled when the gaseous being Teleported right in front of him with a massive grin on its face.

"Oh! You've returned my friend; have you found anything worthwhile? Because I believe I might have..."

Indeed, both the human's and the Pokémon's hunches both led in the same direction - a nearby door which filled the monk with dread, for some inexplicable reason. But lingering concerns aside, he felt more compelled to come up with some manner of contribution now that everyone else seemed to be getting their bearings on the situation, the strangely-named Phantump Thieves catching on to potentially valuable leads one by one, until only he, the foreigner monk, remained in the dark. If only for that, he would cast aside his fears, and if Shiou considered the nearby room worthwhile, then he would comply.

Because although I stand nothing to gain, I still hate to lose. As much as it pains me to admit it, I have not yet cast aside all worldly desires, and in the face of such capable Trainers all finding their own way around this conundrum, I find myself craving success of my own... Forgive me, Sage Samanosuke. I should be more selfless, should I not?

With Shiou again taking refuge in the monk's shadow, away from prying eyes, Sai walked over to the door that the Gastly had shown him and that he, too, had sensed as potentially revealing. His movements were slow, pondered, deliberate; no good would come from rushing inside like an idiot, as if what they were all doing wasn't already suspicious enough to anyone who happened to run into them (speaking of which, where was all the surveillance?). He placed his hand on the door handle, closed his eyes, took a deep breath... and turned it.

Arceus be with me. And hopefully you too, Shiou.

It could be a trap; Sai still wasn't entirely sure to what extent he could actually trust his ghost companion. But it was all he had to go on, to make a difference in this investigation - even if he was walking straight into the Pyroar's den, at least the others would know what not to do. If only for that glimmer of a contribution, he would risk it. It was time to see what was on the other side of that door.

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