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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Surprised by the arrival of a new opponent, Kei racked his brain over how he would handle this Makuhita, an opponent that was much bigger and sturdier than his previous. As the big sumo wrestler Pokemon prepared to attack, Kei had little time to worry about exhaustion from consecutive fights. As Kei stood there and sighed, trying to pump himself up for battle, the Stufful who had been relatively quiet and timid to this point spoke up. “Stuff! Ful!” he shouted as he saw the slouch in Kei’s body language. Stufful tried to cheer him on the best he could for the Charmander who was fighting in his place.

As the next match finally began, Kei took a deep breath as he gathered the Dragon energy in his body and prepared to fire off a Dragon Pulse. However, the Makuhita had other plans, charging in close and clapped his hands together loudly, the surprise tactic Faking Kei Out as he momentarily forgot what he was doing. Not to be deterred, Kei charged forward, fists engulfing in flames as he unleashed a pair of Fire Punches on the Makuhita. The punches sunk into Makuhita’s flabby belly before bouncing off rather harmlessly while the sumo Pokemon simply laughed. Makuhita pat his jiggly belly, thankful for the insulation that his Thick Fat provided.

Ready to launch the counterattack, Makuhita pulled back one of his hands, building up his strength before unleashing a Forceful Palm on Kei, sending the Charmander flying back against the rope of the ring. “Stuffff!” Stufful cried out, trying to encourage Kei to get back up. Makuhita simply smirked and waited to see what Kei would do next.
Seeing his attack bounce off of the Makuhita’s belly like it was nothing left Kei a bit frustrated, especially after being distracted from using his move just before that. His frustration with the situation caused him to not even notice the counterattack his opponent had in store for him before getting thrown against the ropes. Feeling somewhat defeated, suddenly he hears Stufful cheering him on and he is reminded of why he is doing this. Hearing the cheers also caused Kei to momentarily tear up, he had to do this for them. He finally pulls his head back into the fight, losing is not an option. “You can do it Kei! If you win I’ll give you an extra special super tight huuuuug!!” His trainer’s words are enough to psych himself up even more, there is no Pokemon that loves hugs more than he does. Her cheering was then followed by Mio and Ciri both letting out cheers of their own as well.

Everything seemed to go by so slowly after he had been hit but really it had only been seconds. Kei pushes himself off the ropes and after regaining his balance he begins to Swords Dance while also keeping a close eye on the Makuhita, ready to dodge the Pokemon if he must. Then he will follow this up with an Ember in hopes that the move will cause his opponent to let its guard down after seeing Kei make the same mistake twice. Then when Makuhita is hopefully least expecting it, Kei is going to quickly charge in and use Brick Break and then Scratch. If he finds an opening after all of that he’s going to try and use Dragon Pulse once again.

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