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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Lilligant

The layout for Queen Lilligant’s domain can be found here

Lucas – After searching everything extremely thoroughly up to this point, you were pretty annoyed to finally find the clue only to have a random man hold you back from grabbing it. Deciding not to be rude, you tell Horologie to use her Mindpower in order to pull the envelope over to you. It’s not like that guy would believe you if you tried to convince him anyway so this is probably your best option. Horologie walks up to the wet cements edge, positioning herself between you and the man, and begins to concentrate on that envelope. She begins to lift it up very gently at first in order to make sure the flowers that it was sitting in aren’t disturbed. The envelope is now floating in the air and slowly coming closer. “Aha!” The man exclaims and slaps Horologie’s rear, breaking her concentration, causing the envelope to drop onto the wet cement.

At this point it is actually close enough for you to grab but you look over at the man first, who is incoherently mumbling to himself and seems to be so lost in thought that he probably didn’t even realize what he just did. Turning back to the envelope, you bend down and pull it out of the wet cement, the envelope now has a layer of the cement caked on it but at least you managed to grab the clue. Handling it with care in order to not get your own hands covered in cement, you slowly open the envelope and pull out your next clue.

“In the forest I got it, so I sat down to seek it, since I couldn’t find it, I took it home with me. What is it?”

Horologie whinnied and huffed in response to the unwelcome butt pat from the odd stranger, her tail's mouth snapping instinctively at the sudden intrusion, but just missing the man's hand. Lucas, trying not to betray his frustration as the envelope dropped into the wet cement, gingerly lifted it from the puddle, carefully opening it to avoid getting cement caked on his fingertips. He read the riddle, contemplating this one again. Once more, he didn't have much of an idea as to what it was supposed to be upon his first review. The word "forest" seemed to be key to the answer. Perhaps some connection to trees? Or wood? He couldn't think of anything wooden that you might sit down to seek in the forest. But the last part was particularly puzzling; how can you take home something you can't find? Maybe something that was on you? His first thought was some sort of parasite or the like, but that didn't seem to fit anything in the garden... He did remember, however, seeing some trees... and they seemed like they might splinter!

On the tail of his eureka moment, he turned to Horologie.

"I think I know where to go next, girl. Let's leave this man to his... work and head to the path with the trees and look at the ones that seem to be flaking. Our next clue should be there somewhere."

Horologie gave an affirmative sniff, trotting after her trainer, but only after a disdainful huff and a subtle tug with her mental powers to send the man's sketchpad into the wet cement.

Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Steeling his resolve to get back to the frail Budew as quickly as possible, Lucas returned Violette back into her Pokeball and thanked the Lilligant for her generosity, as unsettling as it may be. With Petunia and Horologie in tow, he departed Lilligant’s treasure vault and headed westward in the direction of Roserade’s domain. It was a little confusing trying to navigate through the chaotic maze of hedges, but thankfully Lucas had Petunia as his guide, as she knew her way around the area like the back of her hand.

Eventually the three of them reached the edge of Lilligant’s domain and the border where Roserade’s domain began. Fortunately it appeared as if the Jumpluffs and the Whimsicotts had quelled their feud for now and vacated the premises. All that remained as evidence of their fight was an array of clumps of cotton and fluff that was scattered across the area. Most of it was on Lilligant’s side, as a few Roselia were spotted having already cleaned up the mess on Roserade’s side. Lucas imainged the queen would throw a fit if she had seen mess like this in her territory.

Lucas and crew passed onwards into Roserade’s domain, the neatly trimmed and orderly walls of hedges a stark contrast to the disorganized labyrinth of Lilligant’s domain. As the garden was much easier to traverse, it took them considerably less time to arrive back at Roserade’s throne room. The queen looked down at them coldly upon arrival, expecting to see the results of their excursion. Lucas had resolved to keep his interference of garden politics to a minimum, so he quickly bowed before producing the Miracle Seed exactly as Lilligant had given it to him.

Handing the seed off to a Roselia, the flower Pokemon held it up before her queen, who examined it skeptically from a distance. Acknowledging that the task was indeed complete, she whimsically gestured toward one of the Rose Incenses behind her before ignoring the guests’ presence. It seemed as if her business with Lucas had concluded. As one of the Roselias procured the incense and handed it to Lucas, Petunia leaned in and whispered to him, “Something doesn’t smell right, and I’m not talking about the incense. We better get out of here before Roserade realizes what Lilligant has done. Try not to make a scene though.” It would be best to leave Roserade’s domain as quickly as possible, but in such a way that doesn’t draw suspicion. What will Lucas do?
Lucas's suspicion of this situation continued to mount, as did his nerves. He was only hoping to help the poor Budew trapped among the Sunflora and Sunkern, but somehow he had been sent on an inter kingdom fetch quest slash peacekeeping mission. Thus far, he seemed to have accomplished his goal without inciting any sort of war, but with the suspicious juices squeezed on the seed offered to him for tribute to the Roserade queen, he was concerned that he may have become the middleman in some sort of act of kingdom-to-kingdom terrorism. Lucas felt bad about his involvement in all of this, but what is done is done, he supposed, in spite of his lingering guilt. The ends justified the means, right? It was worth it to help Budew, right? He spent a little time convincing himself of that as he handed the "gift" over to one of Roserade's courtesans.

With a word of warning from Petunia, he decided it would be in their best interest to dip out with their prize and not cause too much of a fuss. He accepted the incense from the rose and backed away without too much ceremony, but made sure to maintain his composure and follow the proper court protocol with a bow of deference as he backed away. Horologie, sensing her trainer's mood, also backed out, but prepared herself in the event of any retaliation, ready to bounce back assaults with Mirror Coat and retaliate with Confusion if needed to facilitate their escape.

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