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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As Karrablast charged in to defend the frightened Kricketot, Jayson had gotten what he was looking for, the perfect opportunity for a two on two battle of the bugs to give Spartacus and Trieu some much needed experience. Despite their diminutive stature, Jayson didn’t want to underestimate his opponents so he carefully planned out a strategy for his Scyther and Skorupi to take them on. As they listened to his orders, the two Pokemon prepared themselves for battle, and in Trieu’s case, her very first battle.

The Kricketot shook nervously as the two larger bugs approached it and its ally, Karrablast. It let out a warning Growl to show Trieu and Spartacus it means business, while Karrablast Leered at Spartacus to entice the bigger Pokemon to battle it one on one. Trieu unleashed a flurry of Poison Sting needles that flew and hit Kricketot, who grunted in pain. The young cricket then began to Bide its time, emitting a soft red glow. Trieu then fired off another volley of Poison Stings at Kricketot, who sat there and took the attack.

Meanwhile, things were heating up as Spartacus squared off against Karrablast. Spartacus’ scythes began to glow green, and the Scyther rushed forward, hitting the Karrablast with both of them simultaneously for a Dual Chop. The small beetle retaliated with a Peck, hitting Spartacus in the chest with its horn for decent damage. Undeterred, Spartacus darted back to give him a running start and then Quickly Attacked Karrablast from the side with another Dual Chop. Karrablast winced from the damage it received, but it stood its ground firmly and leapt forward to strike Spartacus with a Fury Cutter.

So far Trieu and Spartacus have dished out more damage than they received, but if they weren’t careful, those tables could be turned in a hurry. As Kricketot and Karrablast prepared to unleash their next wave of attacks, Trieu and Spartacus looked at Jayson expectantly for commands.
Things were going as expected, the Karrablast was taking a straight forward approach, going toe to toe with Spartacus while the Kricketot was also playing how he had expected. The small singing insect had set up a Bide, neither Poison Sting had managed to poison it so it was time to ignore it until the Bide went off. Instead they would focus solely on the Karrablast, if they could remove it then finishing off the Kricketot would be much easier.

"Stand strong Spartacus", the Scyther's attack had been dropped and so had its defense. Jayson didn't have many ways to get around stat drops but their was a way he could perhaps get around Spartacus's reduced attack. "Focus Energy, then continue hitting the Karrablast with a Bug Bite and then another Dual Chop." Spartacus was ready to go but Trieu was still in need of commands. If she continued to target the Kricketot she would be in for a rough surprise when the Bide went off. The only logical plan was to gang up on the Karrablast."Leer at the Karrablast Trieu, then follow up with a Poison Sting and then a Feint Attack."

So far the battle of the bugs was proving a nice platform for his Pokemon to train. Spartacus was developing his leadership skills while Trieu was getting her first taste of battle, although the Skorupi was yet to take her first hit. How she took that first hit would show just how tough she really was, although Jayson was confident she would take it like a champ.

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