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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Sensing that victory was within his grasp, Kei prepared himself to go on the offensive and finish off this Mankey for once and for all. The monkey was slumped against the ropes, trying his best to catch his breath while Kei shook off the critical hit from before. Not wanting to give his opponent too much time to recover, Kei quickly formed a strategy in his head and stepped forward, ready to finish his opponent off.

As the smoke from earlier continued to clear out, Kei stared down his opponent. He dashed forward, his body enveloping in an aura of fire as he did so. Kei tackled the Mankey down, hitting him as hard as he could with a Flame Wheel. Mankey did its best to retaliate with a Fury Swipes, but only two weak scratches connected with the Charmander before his body gave out and collapsed.

DING! DING! DING! The bell rung as Timburr hit it with his plank. Kei was officially announced the winner of the first round of the tournament. Retreating back to his corner of the ring, where Stufful, Patches, and others were watching, Kei let out a sigh of relief. Stufful, still with the ever-nervous expression on his face, slipped an Oran Berry into the ring for Kei to eat and regain his energy. The fighting was not done yet, it would seem. As Kei munched on the berry, he could feel his strength returning to peak condition, and he even felt stronger than he was before. Kei has gained 1 level!

Still facing his friends, Kei didn’t realize a new opponent had stepped into the ring until he felt the floor shake. Turning around to see what the source was, Kei met eyes with a tubby sumo wrestler of a Pokemon, Makuhita. It smirked and flexed its arms before patting its belly, which jiggled. With little time to plan a strategy for a new fight, the bell rang “DING!” one more time. What would Kei do?
As he watched the Mankey collapse, Kei almost couldn’t believe he actually did it. As the bell rang out announcing him as the winner he let out a sigh in relief before running over to his new friend and munching on the Oran Berry he was generously given. Kei is feeling stronger than ever now and figures he will finish his berry before climbing out of the ring. Patches runs up to Kei while he’s eating grinning wide. “I’m so proud of you Kei! I can’t wait to see how you do in the next round!” She says as she glances over Kei’s shoulder watching as his next opponent begins to enter the ring. “You’re going to do great! Just remember we all believe in you!” She reaches into the ring and gives Kei a pat on the head before going back over to the log and sitting between Mio and Ciri.

Kei was confused at the mention of a ‘next round’ since he was pretty sure this thing was already over. Then, just as he began to swallow the last bite of the berry the floor begins to shake causing him to finally turn around and see the Makuhita who is completely ready for a fight. “Char...!?” Kei couldn’t believe it as he watched the Pokemon’s belly jiggle with each pat. He hadn’t realized that there were going to be several opponents and is feeling mentally exhausted thinking about this whole situation. Of course, any time he may have had to think about it is gone in an instant anyway, once the bell begins to ding. He doesn’t have time to come up with a strategy and just begins to use whatever comes to mind in that moment, his first move ends up being Dragon Pulse and during that attack he decides he is going to follow it up with double Fire Punches just like he did in the first round.

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