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Meetan – After seeing how strong the hit Lorin took from Frustration was, it became very clear to you that Duchess wasn’t very happy being with her trainer. With this new realization, you decided to stop the battle since the outcome doesn’t matter anyway, it’s not like you’d sell your Pokemon to that woman regardless. The pause in battle caused the surrounding children to get restless with disappointment. “Aww, come on!!” “We want to see a battle!” “Are you scared!?” The children all begin to voice their complaints and the teacher awkwardly attempts to stop them. “N-now children… That’s not very nice…” The children just ignore her and continue with their comments. The shift in atmosphere causes Meredith’s mother to turn her attention back to Duchess to see what all the commotion is about. Once she gets another look at Duchess’ completely ruined coat, she now sees that the fur on her head is frozen and she clicks her tongue in disgust. Then, she notices that Duchess is also out of breath and her legs are shaking, barely able to stand. Before she gets the chance to react, you’re already kneeling on the ground making it clear you won’t be selling Mimi and also trying to bribe Duchess with love.

Duchess stands there for few seconds after your apology, just staring at the hairbrush in your hand. She has never been in a situation like this before and isn’t sure how to react, she can’t tell if this is some sort of trick. She was a bit jealous of how you treated your Pokemon in battle but everything you’re saying just seems too good to be true, maybe all humans aren’t so bad after all. She takes a shaky step toward you and Meredith’s mother notices this, causing her to speak out in anger. “You are absolutely disgusting.” This grabs Duchess’ attention and she turns her head toward her owner. “… Frou?” The woman is staring at Duchess now with nothing but pure disdain in her eyes. “Just looking at you is repulsive. I was willing to overlook your appearance out of the kindness of my heart but then you just had to show how weak you really are. Perfect pedigree. Hah. That breeder will be hearing from my lawyer, you are nothing but a worthless mutt.” She then reaches into one of her coat pockets and pulls out an immaculate Luxury Ball and throws it onto the grass. She steps forward and stomps down on it with the heel of her stiletto. Shattering it into pieces right in front of Duchess’ eyes. The students who were once loud are now dead silent in disbelief. Duchess’ eyes fill with tears for a moment but she quickly shakes them away, she was wrong to think that there might actually be good humans in this world.

No longer Duchess, she is just another Furfrou in a world with many and is not as special as she was lead to believe, but maybe it’s better this way. Pulling out of her thoughts, the Furfrou realizes that there are 30 children and 3 adults staring at her. “Fur!!” She takes off running, adrenaline is carrying her at this point since it was only moments ago that she was barely standing, you see something that she appeared to be wearing fly off in the wind and it isn’t long before you’ve completely lost sight of her out in the Galea Plains. The thing that flew off of her flies your way and you reflexively catch it before it is lost, now that you can get a better look it appears to be a Silk Scarf. “Good riddance.” Meredith’s mother turns her attention back to you. “What is this about not selling me that Pokemon either way? That was not the agreement. You will be hearing from my lawyer as well, come now Meredith. I’m going to buy you an even prettier Pokemon.” Meredith’s eyes begin to sparkle. “Ooooo! There are even prettier ones!?” They continue to chat as they walk away together. The silence is then broken as the children begin to mumble amongst themselves about how they couldn’t believe what just happened. Once the mother and Meredith are far enough away that they won’t hear her, the teachers timidness immediately changes back to being more outspoken like she was when you first met and she accused you of attacking Meredith.

“Alright kids, quiet down right now or else we will not be getting ice cream later.” She has turned into the authority figure you had expected her to be this entire time. “But it was so cool!” Simon exclaims. “Simon, don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten about what you did earlier, do you want a detention?” She looks at him sternly. “No ma’am…” Simon hangs his head and the teacher walks over to you after all of the students are behaving. “Alright, now that that’s settled, I’m very sorry you had to deal with that woman. There was nothing I could have done to help or else it would have cost me my job but I think you handled it perfectly and also told her things I could only dream of telling her.” She reaches into her purse and pulls out some money and a Luxury Ball that matches the one the woman crushed under her heel earlier. “Meredith’s mother, Cruella, pays me every day to give Meredith special treatment. I know it’s not right but she also bribes the principal so I just think of it as payment for having to deal with her. Either way, I think you deserve this more than me for having to put up with her today, so here!” After handing you the money and ball she turns back to her students and begins to lead them away. “Alright, single file everyone, it’s time for our picnic.” You are now left with your hands full of items and Lorin’s company as you watch the teacher and children leave.

You’ve Obtained
x1 Silk Scarf
x1 Luxury Ball
$500 Pokedollars
The complaints of the children grated on Alice's nerves, but she had ignored them and said nothing. Hopefully when they were older they would grow some sense of compassion and understanding. Pokemon were living creatures with feelings, too, and as much as finishing a battle to its brutal end was sometimes inevitable, where it was avoidable to throw down such a blow it was probably best. A rush came with fighting, but one had to draw the line.

"We had no agreement, I can't wait to take your money from your lawyer you dumb bitch!" The trainer called out, unable to resist the last word despite smaller ears. What Alice had just witnessed with the Furfrou was nothing short of heartbreaking, and her little Lorin was visibly upset by it. First, a pasty hand reached out to grab the silk scarf, and then Alice crouched again to take the Lotad in arms. She peppered him with loving, reassuring kisses as the teacher approached. As anger-inducing as it was to hear that the teacher had been faking her shit and taking bribes, the money-hungry and materialistic adventurer couldn't really take too much of a higher ground, either. Although, if dealing with a duo like them, Alice wasn't sure she'd even have the patience to pull a long game like that off, job be damned.

"Of course her name is Cruella." Alice lamented dryly, but she thanked the teacher anyway, packing away her well-earned money and a ball that she probably wouldn't use. The owner of the Adoption Centre liked them, and they were a popular and expensive branding, so Alice was sure she'd get something out of it. She waved off the students as they disappeared out of sight for their picnic. Her own relaxing day had been ruined, and there was a more pressing matter in mind.

"No worries, Lorin. We'll go and find Furfrou." The blonde assured. She held the water-grass type up above her head, smiling warmly and giving a little twirl, the silk scarf still partially gripped in hand. "Dutchess wasn't in good shape, so I'm not sure she can get very far. Time to go and give her the brush and feed of a life time, am I right? At least if we know she's doing better, we can go on with peace of mind." The Pokemon sounded his agreement, still a bit teary, and the young woman cuddled him close as she started towards the border of the Galea Plains.

The first stop? The trainer's respite to heal up, ask questions and maybe get changed. After that? Find Furfrou.

Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Tsareena

Refer to the previous description of Tsareena's domain here. Additionally, you may find the location of your next riddle in this section of the post. Good luck!

The guard’s eyes widened in disbelief as Alice questioned him. He looked a little hurt, too. He lifted a shaking arm to his head and wiped off the sweat beading on his forehead. Alice felt some of it splash against her legs. Alice made other suggestions to him, but the man just shook his head sadly. Farren’s Pin Missile soared past the man’s head and into the tree. The guard flinches, but then looks relieved that the attack was not meant for him. The Pineco retrieves the Pinap berry and loyally presents it to his trainer. There is nothing particularly special about it, and the strangely spicy juice flows out of the berry and onto Ferran’s spines. Using the tree as support, the guard lifts himself to his feet. He looks Alice straight in the eye and opens his mouth a couple times as he thinks of what to say. His eyebrows are furrowed in frustration, but he looks like he can barely focus on his own thoughts. After a few moments, he sighs deeply.

“Just…take this.” The guard reached into his breast pocket and retrieved a folded note. After shoving it into Alice’s hands, he shuffles off toward the smoothie shack, glaring at her and her Pineco the entire way. As he approaches the line, someone seems to recognize him and lets him join them farther up in the queue. Even after the guard gets his extra-large smoothie, he is still glaring in Alice’s direction.

Alice and Ferran unfold the sweaty piece of paper. It reads:

What kind of room has no doors or windows?
He clearly wasn't that close to death if he could get himself up and over to the smoothie stand. Not only that but he was able to queue jump! Good on him, but what a shit! Alice was still feeling gross from how some of his sweat had gotten onto her leg and practically infected the paper with the riddle on. It made her skin crawl, and she wanted nothing more but to cool down and maybe drown herself in the oasis water. Maybe mock the glaring guard with her dead, drowned, not-dehydrated body. He could take his attitude and shove it up his arse.

"Come on, Farren, before he burns a hole through us." She mocked, and her Pineco made a noise that sounded like a disappointed, judgemental grumble. Sure, a lot of the time her rage was brought on by some kind of offence, but other times Alice was just rude. She spoke the riddle over more times than he had spines, making alternating grumbles, complaints or just weird and annoyed sounds. Riddles made Alice want to take her brain out on one of the tropical trees, honestly. It wasn't until she stumbled upon what might have been the answer that Alice actually thought she might have it.

"Mushroom? Mush... Room? Room? Is it a mushroom?" Alice asked, and Farren implied that he wasn't sure. "I can't think of anything else it could be. Even a padded cell has a door. And it has to be something that's actually in here, so..." Tentatively, hoping it wasn't poisonous, the competitor reached down to pluck the mushroom from its place. Here's hoping Alice didn't let the team down.

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