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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Apologies for the delay, things have been a bit hectic the past week!

The doctor barely has time to walk back to his desk before Keith arrives, and he's quick to fish out the form this go. "Welcome back! Welcome back!" Rubbing the bandages over his arms he begins to wave you over towards the incubators, Severus and Fatale watching in anticipation as one of the volunteers occasionally wards them away from the egg to ensure it gets proper care. "That Beautifly of yours is quite the piece of work. No worries, though, our staff has seen worse in their training." Waving away the voluteer with a nod, Doctor Grossman allows the egg's parents to surround it, and quickly the shell comes off with their attention. What is seen from within is the form of a small wurm like creature, as would be expected given the parents, yet Doctor Grossman's smile widens as he furiously checks off a mark on his paper and begins to take some pictures of the unusual purple coloring. "Spectacular, simply spectacular. It would seem that we have quite the case of genetics at work here!" Getting a few more measurements, he finishes filling out the paper before handing it over for a signature.

Keith has hatched a lv.1 shiny female Wurmple!
Keith didn't even look surprised by Dr. Grossman's bandaged arms. A tad concerned, yes, but not surprised. He raised an eyebrow as Dr. Grossman claimed that the staff had seen worse in their training. Worse than the vampire of Cadaver Forest? Keith wasn't sure he wanted to know! But in any case, considering the lack of gruesome murders attributable to Fatale in the past two weeks, perhaps there was something to Grossman's claims.

He followed Dr. Grossman towards the incubators, one of which was being hovered around by a certain pair of bugs. Keith looked supremely worried as one of the volunteers had the Bug-types move away from their Egg, and not without reason, for Fatale could be seen unfurling her mouth threateningly, but Severus seemed able to talk her out of exsanguinating the poor soul.

Nevertheless, the big moment was upon them! The Egg was hatching, bits of shell chipping away and falling to the floor as the Egg wobbled and lurched. And soon, the small, spiky form within began to emerge. Keith let out an amused chuckle, he couldn't help it- with Fatale the way she was, he supposed he ought to have seen this coming, at least seen it as a more possible possibility than Eon, which was basically out of nowhere. The odds were still not exactly overwhelmingly favorable, but they were greatly improved nevertheless, and they certainly proved favorable enough here and now, for the Wurmple that emerged from the Egg was a vibrant purple color. Keith, of course, was no stranger to the Wurmple species, having owned Severus since hatching him, but Fatale came to him in her current evolutionary stage, and so this was his first encounter with a purple Wurmple. And so he dug out his Pokédex, its color scheme a remarkable match for the newborn's coloration.

"Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. A Bug-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Using the spikes on its rear end, Wurmple peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. It spews silk to immoblize foes, and defends itself with its poisonous spikes. This specimen is Shiny."

Keith did not approach right away, even after signing off on all the necessary paperwork. Instead, he looked to the parents. "May I?" he asked. Though his question was directed at both of them, they all knew who the question was really for. And indeed, as Fatale eventually gave a curt nod, Keith nodded back, and approached the purple Wurmple. "Hey, there," Keith smiled. "I'm Keith, I'm your Trainer.

"Wurm... WURMPLE!" Wurmple suddenly exclaimed, spewing String Shot at Keith's face. Keith, however, was able to duck out of the way of the attack.

"Beau-u-u-u-utifly-y-y-y-y!" Fatale trilled, flying down to her newborn daughter. "Beau-u-u-u-u!"

"Dus, Dustox," Severus added, following Fatale, unable to stop smiling as he looked upon his daughter.

"Wurmple..." murmured Wurmple. Then, she nodded at her parents. "Wurm! Wurmple wurm!" She then, to Keith's surprise, jumped down to the floor, and turned to face Keith, a definitely combative gleam in her eye. "Wurm! Wurmple wurm!" she exclaimed.

"Wh- wait a sec, you don't mean a battle?" Keith said incredulously.

"Beau-u-u--utifly-y-y-y-y!" Fatale nodded, seemingly in approval of this. Severus seemed to share Keith's incredulity, but stayed off to the side, curious to see how this would play out.

"...OK, then," Keith shrugged, taking a Luxury Ball off his belt and tossing it. "Selia, you're up!" he exclaimed, unleashing his Munna.

...The newborn Wurmple? Selia's telepathic voice sounded in Keith's head.

Yes, Keith thought back. Severus and Fatale's daughter. She insists on a battle, and her parents don't seem to object, so...

Of course, Selia responded.

Wurmple made the first move, charging forward for a Tackle attack. "Selia! Defense Curl!" Keith commanded.

"Mu!" grunted Selia, curling up into a tiny ball. Wurmple rammed into her, sending her rolling back, but didn't cause very much damage- Selia was able to stop herself with relative ease and get back into the air.

"Alright- now use your Psywave attack!" Keith ordered.

"MuuunNAAAAAA!" exclaimed Selia, as the flowers on her body glowed brightly. Numerous rings of Psychic energy. However, Wurmple deftly dodged them all, to general astonishment. Except from Fatale- the Shiny Beautifly simply looked proud at how her daughter was doing, and didn't look the least bit surprised.

"WUUUUUURM!" bellowed Wurmple, as she then unleashed String Shot, tying up Selia in an instant. Before Keith could say anything, Wurmple was whirling Selia around, before slamming her string-wrapped form into the floor. And then, she charged, landing another Tackle attack, breaking her free from the strings, but also knocking her out.

"Wh... Selia, return!" Keith said as he withdrew the Munna. He looked over at the Shiny Wurmple, who seemed unimpressed with how Keith had fought so far. "Geez," Keith murmured. "This girl's no pushover." Then he cracked a smile. "Wouldn't have it any other way, though," he added, before throwing a Premier Ball. "Now, Eon, it's your turn!" he exclaimed, sending out a Shiny Eevee whose presence would be quite familiar to the staff. Blue stars swirled around her as she materialized.

"Wurmple! Wuuuuuurm!" Wurmple exclaimed, launching another String Shot.

Keith merely smirled. "Eon! Flamethrower!" he ordered.

"Oooeeeeeee!" squealed the Shiny Eevee, unleashing a stream of flames from her mouth. It burned up the String Shot with ease, though Wurmple was able to roll out of the way of the attack herself.

But Keith was undeterred. "Now! Use Water Pulse!" he commanded.

"Ooooeeeeeveeeee!" responded Eon, charging up an orb of water before her mouth and firing it off. This time, Wurmple took the attack, but it seemed as though something was helping her keep her focus in the wake of such a normally disorienting move- it was Shield Dust, Keith realized. None of Eon's attacks would incur their secondary effects.

"Wurm! Wurm!" grunted Wurmple, charging in for another Tackle.

"Eon, we'll use Tackle as well!" Keith ordered.

"Vee!" grunted the Shiny Eevee, colliding with Wurmple. Though Wurmple fought hard, Eon was the same type as Tackle, and then there was her Ability to consider- Adaptability meant that Eon's Normal moves were even stronger than they'd already be by virtue of her being a Normal-type. And in this case, it meant that Wurmple was knocked back by Eon's attack.

"Wuuurm... Wuuuurm... Wurmple," sighed Wurmple, finally giving a tiny nod. She locked eyes with Keith once more, this time giving a look of begrudging respect.

Keith smiled. He supposed he should have guessed that he'd have to really work to earn the respect of Fatale's daughter- it took the Shiny Beautifly a good while to warm up to even just the idea of having a Trainer, let alone the Trainer she actually had. "Welcome to the team, Wurmple," he said, extracting the second of his two Net Balls from his backpack. He enlarged the sphere, then walked over to Wurmple and held out the ball. The Shiny Wurmple gently nudged the button with her head, and was sucked inside. The ball was quick to stop wobbling, to Keith's delight.

"Fly! Beau-u-u-u-utifly-y-y-y-y!" trilled Fatale.

"Dus! Dustox!" smiled Severus.

"Oooeeeee!" squealed Eon.

Keith smiled, then tossed the Net Ball back into the air, sending back out the purple Wurmple, who sparkled with blue stars as she landed on Keith's shoulder. "Alright, so now all we need is for your parents to help give you a name," he smiled.

"Wurmple!" nodded Wurmple.

At this, the Luxury Ball opened back up, and a tired, beaten, yet now somewhat conscious Munna reappeared. After briefly conferring with the pair of Bug-type parents, she turned to Keith. They wish for her to be named Artemis, the Munna told Keith telepathically.

"Artemis, hmm?" Keith murmured. "Well, I think that's a good idea," he smiled. "Welcome to the team, Artemis," he smiled to the Shiny Wurmple. "Let's get you acquainted with the rest of your teammates, hmm?" he asked as he made to exit the Hatchery.

OOC: Claiming the Shiny Wurmple, putting her in aforementioned Net Ball, which is #2 of 2, naming her Artemis, and declaring her Ability to be Shield Dust. Thanks! And don't sweat the delay, real life always comes first. And, of course, picking up my Dustox and my Shiny Beautifly.
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