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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I enjoyed the depictions of the folksy Minnesotans. Dialed up a bit, sure, but that's storytelling for you. Not sure why the movie got so much hate from that part of the country. No, you don't all talk like that. And no, you're not all simpletons, unlike the vast majority of the film's characters who are. But there are definitely elements in your neck of the woods who are. We have them here too, in Indiana, only without the Scandinavian-American accent.
It was a combination of the simple minded portrayal + the accent. You see this complex with the southern accent as well, where (apparently) it's stereotyped as stupid.

Most "Dakotans" don't get upset by Fargo anymore, but what I've noticed is that the accent is largely gone among younger folk, even if the intelligence or education level is pretty much the same. This applies to both North Dakota and Minnesota.

So my conclusion is that sounding stupid was more of an embarrassment that whether it was true or not.
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