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As Hyrem mentioned the old PC storage system of Fizzytopia, an outdated and obsolete program that limited the number of Pokemon each trainer could have on their team, thoughts began racing through Gary’s head of some of his own old companions that had to be relocated to another home, much like Akame had for Hyrem. The two in particular that Gary reminisced were his old Tauros and the other half of his Ninjask Shuri; her Shedinja sister. As he snapped out of his recollection, Gary hoped they were doing well wherever they were now. “Yeah, I know what you mean,” he responded with a sheepish smile. “Well, if you ever want to visit Akame, you know where to find her, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the visit either!” Akame nodded in agreement, adding in a “Pawn!”

Hyrem seemed excited at the prospect of diving in the aquarium and asked Gary for a place to change. “Oh, no problem at all, just use my bedroom to change.” He showed Hyrem down the hallway and directed him to his bedroom before returning to the aquarium room. There he readied the rebreather devices, a small invention that extracts oxygen from water molecules and allows the user to breathe underwater without relying on a heavy oxygen tank. Additionally, they weren’t restrictive and allowed the user to speak freely even with the device in their mouth. Once he was ready, Gary prepared a couple of buckets full of food to take with him into the tank in order to feed his Pokemon.
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