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The Underbelly of Sin
Casino: Downstairs


Your Magnemite begins trying to trace the electrical signal to its source, but soon runs into a problem, the main problem being that there is a lot more electricity running down here than there was in the elevator. So while tracing it before would be like listening in to a conversation in an empty room with the sink running in the background. Now its like listening to two people walking through a noisy crowd, occasionally whispering, while there is construction and you're getting shot at. Wait, shot at? Suddenly, a jolt of electricity flies from one of the lines in the ceiling, burning a hole through the thin plasterboard and strikes your Magnemite head on. It reels as it takes a shocking blast, and after it recovers, it finds that it cannot trace the electrical signal anymore. Almost like it was gone. But it does find that there are a number of high power zones on this lower floor. One seems to be pretty close, and you should reach it if you go forwards. One is far away and too the right, probably requiring you to go to the intersection and see what is beyond it. The other is right in the sweet spot between the two, a good distance away but not seeming to be too far. It also seems to be the biggest electrical zone on this floor, so there must be something really important there.

But suddenly, you find yourself in the bathroom again. I guess that getting hit by an electrical bolt was probably a good sign of "trouble" at any rate. Looks like if you want to find the security office you're going to have to make your way back downstairs, and probably without security knowing what you've been up to. I guess this means you're out of my hands now...

Odysseus gained one Level!

What will you do?


Your Woobat eagerly listens to your command and presses her nose up onto the door, using her echolocation to see if there was anything odd with the room. Indeed, there definitely seemed to be, so she made a cute little heart stamp on the door. She continued using her echolocation to stamp out bizarre spots wherever she could find them...and soon it seemed like most of the hallway was covered in cute little stamps. Your Woobat seemed to be a bit confused about the whole situation. Was something messing with her ability to echolocate? That seemed likely, but your Woobat continued to dutifully keep checking everything. Out of the collage of stamps, something peaks your interest. There are a couple of doors, right next to each other, with no stamps on them. This might seem like the opposite of what you were looking for, but if someone was messing with your ability to properly see what was in these rooms, then maybe whatever was being hidden was being hidden in the best way possible: in plain sight.

It seems like these rooms were the only rooms in this part of the hallway, and farther down it seems, that were left untouched. So there must be something hidden there, right? If everything else was a false positive, then this must be a false negative. Of course, opening doors down here could be a bad thing.

Your Woobat gained one level.

What will you do?


You go down towards the intersection, looking to see if perhaps there might be something more interesting than just more doors down the other hallways. Unfortunately, that's all you find. Just another hallway that looks like it could be endless as well. Even more despairingly, you're pretty sure there are even more intersections further down! This place is probably a literal underground labyrinth, impossible to navigate without knowing where you are going. Of course, maybe its really not what it seems? There is no way these hallways could be endless, of course, that would defy the laws of physics. You try to see if there is anything else worth looking at, any gleam of information that would make things more interesting, when suddenly you see one of the doors open.

A Rhydon walks out, and turns to the left, going down the hallway some distance before entering another door. You estimate that's probably about twenty doors down from the first one, although from this distance its a little hard to accurately pinpoint it. You're at least thankful that the Rhydon didn't notice you; it probably wouldn't be the negotiating type anyways. However, if it came out of a door, that must mean there is something in there obviously. Maybe that would be worth checking out? Of course, there could be more security as well.

What will you do?


Your Gastly complies, curious onto what is going here as well, and turns invisible, going through one of the doors. You wait patiently for him, so that you know which rooms to look in and which ones to avoid. Five minutes turn into ten minutes, which turn into fifteen, and you notice that other people have already started to pursue their own options. That's odd, where is your Gastly? Not all of these rooms could be empty, could they? That's preposterous. There had to be something down here, after all. You wander around a bit, aimlessly as you notice all the bizarre stamps on the walls. Why was the Woobat doing that, you wonder. You walk in front of one door, and something about it feels rather odd to you. Maybe its because you're a monk and have some manner of spiritual training, but you feel some kind of dread coming from the other side of the door. Of course, that means it must be investigated, right? You walk forwards a little before catching yourself. The feeling was gone. What, exactly, was that?

Suddenly, you see your Gastly in front of you. It seems to be leading you to the door, saying there is something on the other side of it. That feeling of dread you felt before though makes you a bit hesitant on going in. Of course, it was your Gastly trying to get you to move forward, almost eagerly so, so maybe it was just you being a little nervous?

What will you do?


You and your Mimikyu are ready to explore this place, and that means tackling the most insane part of this underbelly first: the endless hallways. Surely that couldn't be possible, if you just walked down this hallway long enough, it would definitely end. You both walk down it, and while it may not be endless, it sure definitely has been a long walk. A small bead of sweat drips down your face as you feel the exertion start wearing you out, when you squint. There seemed to be something off in the distance. You walk towards it, noting that there is flashing lights and what sounds like some kind of music being played. The kind that you hear from slot machines, maybe?

You find what you're looking for: not only the source of the lightshow, but also the end of the hallway. Some great optical illusion that was, and you approach the slot machine. It definitely was pretty gaudy, even by casino standards, and the name of the machine was called "The Black Huntsman." Curiously, contrasting the shining and brilliant exterior, there were a number of things that seemed off about it: the level looking like the stock of a rifle, and from what you could see of the reels, it looked like the symbols were of various things you wouldn't see on a slot machine: wolves, bullets, at least two different types of guns, and a cartoon demon face. Pretty odd for a slot machine. Even more odd was the fact that there didn't seem to be anything to put money into it. Were you just supposed to pull the level? Would it even work that way?

What will you do?


Your Croagunk, Zelos, complies, and charges up a weak Thunderpunch, ready to punch the floor. He swings his fist, planting it into the floor and allowing the electricity to dissipate, before immediately receiving some kind of feedback. That's odd, it felt like it was right underneath him. Suddenly, the floor opens up and Zelos drops down, causing you to panic and get on the floor, looking over the edge of the hole. It seems that there was some kind of mechanical door underneath you, and that an electric charge was needed to open it. Pretty clever, as that means it would be basically untraceable unless you knew where to look. You call out for Zelos, and your Croagunk responds back. Suddenly, a light turns on beneath you and you can see him. It seems like he's uninjured, as it was not a particular high fall, and you can see what looks like a ladder on the wall closest to you. Probably better to take that down instead of making the jump, I would think.

In front of the Croagunk is a door, and as far as you can see, there doesn't seem to be any security measures on it, but it does look different from the other doors up in the hallways. Of course, its a little difficult to see from this angle. Whether you want to go down and see what's down there or have your Croagunk come back up is up to you, however.

Your Croagunk gained one level.

What will you do?


You open the twenty-first door, finding that its not unlocked in the slightest and push it open. You ready yourself in case you find some kind of trap, but find that's not the case, and instead, you seem to be in some kind of storage room. Of, ironically enough, blackjack tables. More blackback tables than the eye can see, in fact, and definitely more blackjack tables than any casino would ever feasibly needed. Even if every table in Caesar's Palace was destroyed ten times over, you still would have more than enough tables to spare here. Why would this place need that many tables? It simply didn't make any sort of sense. You wander through the room, trying to see if you can spot anything else. Your Ninetales deftly moves between table to table, and you look at them in more depth. None of them were stocked with any amount of cards or chips, but that probably made sense. You also see something curious with one of them. A ring carved into the wood, with the word M A M M O N written next to it. Mammon? Was that the name of the casino or the owner? You feel the wood to see if there was anything there, and like magic, just as your fingers touch the M, a secret compartment opens up!

It opens easily, and you see a number of things inside. A number of rings, all unfortunately plastic, and a scarf that you feel, noticing that its definitely silk. Wait? A silk...scarf? You seemed to have lucked out and found a Silk Scarf! As you put the item into your bag, you find a piece of paper at the very bottom of the drawer, taking it out and reading it.

246 842 937 105 827
285 985 485 576 828
286 758 021 582 678
999 999 999 999 999
666 666 666 666 666
error 0x43 cannot submit
error 0x43 cannot submit
error 0x43 cannot submit
error 0x44 will not submit
error 0x44 will not submit
error 0x666 will not praise will not bow will not worship will not praise will not bow will not worship
99999999999999999999999999999999999666669696969669 696969

Submission succeeded. Welcome to Casino employment, Mr. Willows!

What. The. Fuck.

What will you do?
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