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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
War of the Roses

Team Lilligant

The layout for Queen Lilligant’s domain can be found here

Rorik – Taking a moment to process this situation, you come up with many different ideas but you just couldn’t see any of them working out. Finally, after a lot of thinking, it hits you! You have managed to come up with something that actually might work and begin to whisper the plan to your Staryu. Staryu takes a moment to observe the Psyduck who are stomping around and kicking their feet every which way, and is somewhat concerned with how this is going to turn out for it. But, it seems to be your only option and Staryu doesn’t want to let you down so after taking a moment to mentally prepare, it uses Minimize to the fullest making itself extra tiny.

Now in its small form, the Psyduck feet all seem to be that much more intimidating, if it gets stepped on it’s surely going to hurt. It bounces in place a few times to pep itself up before it takes off spinning through the air at full speed weaving in and out of the Psyduck’s legs. Once it thinks it has made it through it lets its guard down for a moment, which was a moment too soon, and one of the Psyduck ends up hitting Staryu with the back of its foot. The force of the hit causes Staryu to be thrown through the air and into the hedges on the other side. Staryu becomes full size again in order to get out of the hedge, it didn’t go perfectly but at least they did make it to the other side. Staryu leans toward the envelope that is resting in the lavender and lifts it up causing a piece of paper to fall out and onto the ground. Using Psywave it relays the message that is written on the paper to you and then minimizes itself once again and rejoins you on the other side of the Psyduck. The message you received was as follows:

“It’s so weak that a little wind can move it. It’s so strong that you can cut it with a knife and leave no track.”
Rorik looked on as Staryu, displaying signs of unwavering courage beneath its outer layer of expressionlessness, moved onwards in its miniature state into the flock (?) of Psyduck lumbering around Lilligant’s grounds. Nimbly it dodged stomp after stomp, until exhaustion and a hint of overconfidence overwhelmed it, rendering it unable to dodge the very last step. Still, it persevered, and reached the precious note at the end of the trail, stuck between two branches of odorous lavender.

As the contents of the paper were mentally relayed to him, Rorik adjusted his glasses, lost in thought. All this was becoming strangely reminiscent of his trip to Cloud Garden’s Stone Shrine…

As he pondered on the new riddle, Staryu made its way back over to the Professor, then stood motionless while he tried to decipher the charade. Until it grew tired of waiting, that is, and blasted Rorik in the face with a squirt of Water Gun.

“H-hey!!What on earth was that fo… oh. Ooooh!”

The answer dawned on him mere seconds after Staryu’s provocation – or what he initially assumed to be a provocation, but quickly realized was actually the answer to the riddle. Water.

Of course, it makes perfect sense… It seems Staryu trumped me this time around!

It could be argued that the starfish was naturally attuned to the element that was also the riddle’s answer, but there was no denying it was also revealing itself capable of quick critical thinking. Did it always have that ability, or was Rorik’s own intellectual prowess starting to rub off on his Pokémon?

If Munchlax is anything to go by… probably not.

Now that he’d found the answer, all that remained was to locate the physical representation of that answer. And now that he thought about it, he did recall the sound of splashing somewhere along the way inside the maze of hedges… Fortunately, Staryu also seemed to recall this, or perhaps it simply sensed the presence of water with more ease than a human would. Taking initiative, it led Rorik back to where they’d come from, almost to the very entrance of the maze, but instead continuing onwards until the ground turned to concrete – the road they would’ve taken if they had turned left instead of right upon first entering Lilligant’s domains. From there, they kept going, until a small fountain with a Petilil statue came into view.

“I see… well Staryu, time to see if your hunch is as right as I suspect it to be!”
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