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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As the battle tournament kicked off, Patches eagerly watched and cheered on her Charmander. Not to be deterred by Mankey’s assault, Kei nodded quietly to himself in order to drum up the confidence to keep going. He had a new friend depending on him to win this, so from now on he would need to put his best foot forward. As the Mankey hopped in place, still practicing his warm up punches, Kei quickly thought of what he wanted to do next.

Desiring a distraction to buy him time to set up, Kei took a deep breath and blew forth a thick black cloud which filled the ring. Mankey let out an angry “Ukee!” to call Kei a coward and charged forward into the Smokescreen. Mankey Swiped the air Furiously, but was unable to find its target. Disappointed, Mankey began to Focus its Energy while it waited for the smoke to clear. However, this gave Kei all the time he needed to finish his Dragon Dance. The Charmander glowed with a pinkish-red aura as he hopped back and forth, becoming faster and stronger than before.

As the smoke finally cleared a bit and visibility was clearer, Kei dashed forward with his fist enveloped in Fire. He Punched Mankey right in the back, knocking it down. Mankey screeched angrily once again, getting back to its feet and staring Kei down. The two Pokemon charged forward once again, Kei with another Fiery Punch while Mankey aimed another Karate Chop. The two attacks collided with their targets, Mankey taking a brutal hit while Kei getting chopped in the side for critical damage.

While Kei had taken a nasty hit from Mankey, he clearly had the upper hand at this point. Mankey was leaning against the ropes, desperately trying to catch his breath after those powerful punches. If Kei were to go on the offensive, he could have this battle in the bag in a hurry. What will he do?
Patches is on the edge of her seat as she watches Kei battle it out in the ring, she had no idea that coming to the Cloud Garden would have led to one of her more timid Pokemon willingly fighting it out with a Mankey. “Do you think that this whole experience is going to change Kei, Mio?” She asks the Pikachu in her lap. Mio just shrugs and Ciri begins to let out little chirping sounds as she snores on the log next to them. She looks at the Stufful who is in Kei’s corner and smiles before attempting to return her attention to the battle, she realizes she can’t see a thing because the entire ring is now clouded in a smokescreen. “Ooo, Kei used that move…”

Meanwhile, Kei’s idea worked, he may have been called a coward but that type of thing has never bothered him anyway, since usually it was true. Just not today. After finishing his dance, he went in with his punches, he managed to hit the opponent but also suffered a critical blow. That hit hurt. A lot. But he wasn’t about to give up since he wasn’t fighting for himself. That’s when he engulfs his entire body in flames and prepares to charge at the Mankey while it’s still trying to catch its breath with a Flame Wheel. And just in case this plan doesn’t work out, he prepares himself to follow that up with another Brick Break. He knows he can do this and has no intention of giving in.

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