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(OOC: I will be using different colors for Kawaii's visit: Red for Amicae and her pokemon, Pink for Dichromatia and her Procession; I'm also using these 4 Rare Candies on Nadie.

*Nadie was elevated from Lv. 16 to Lv. 20!*
*Nadie learned Imprisson!*)

For a few moments, it seemed as if nothing had stirred within the gaudy cathedral, then a sharp cry of pain split the air. "Ow, wo, wo ,wo, wo, OW! What was that for?!" The door swung open to reveal Ami... with a grubbin attached to her hand. "Oh, Kawaii! What a surprise!"

~ ~ ~

"Five years, huh?" Chroma echoed. "That's quite some time. Kinda puts my time as a trainer into perspective..."

'I, uh, uhm...' Butternut struggled to call up anything akin to an answer. '...I 'ave no idea. Guess i was too young to remember before dat Arnie guy had us...?'

'Very well. It is a pleasure to meet you, Anion!' The staryu bowed as best it could for a moment before rising back up and continuing. 'Now, I'm sure that I do not need to explain the value of memories. They are the tales that help enliven one's life, the provisions that allow us to truly celebrate our lives- even the bleakest ones can prove quite enjoyable later on in one's existence! But, they are also at risk: for most beings, all of us included, recalling a memory changes something about it in one's mind. Perhaps a small detail gets omitted, perhaps a color gets misplaced. This is why many have taken to writing their experiences down, and why I've taken it upon myself, with the power that naturally wells up on this land, to crystallize and preserve these marvelous tokens- and, it seems, you've come to request my services. Is this correct?'

Bell nodded. '...Yeah, I guess so.'

Mia/Plad nodded and addressed the Electric type. 'How about you, Anion? Is there part of your celebration you would like to make permanent?'

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"

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