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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade

The Roselia guards of Roserade watch carefully as each member of Team Cool looks over their riddles. As the trainers file out one by one, the guards give a flowery salute. Everything about Roserade’s domain was laid out perfectly, and Team Cool began to wonder: Were these obstacles planned out too?

Dreading your search of the most prominent type of plant in the entire garden, you and Rotom make your way to the freshly-mowed field. Guests mingle about, chatting and enjoying refreshments that had recently been passed out. You decided to split up to cover more ground. You scan the ground as you walk, looking for anything that stood out about the grass at your feet. You pass by the photographer, who looks annoyed at another member of your team. On the other side of the field, Rotom zips around the legs of garden patrons and around strollers. It moves quickly, not focusing on any one part of the grass for too long. Soon, both trainer and Pokemon find themselves approaching each other once more. Rotom floats under a table, surrounded by speakers on each side. Instead of going around the large speaker, it easily phases through the device and appears on the other side. You meet up with your Pokemon to discuss any possible findings, and suddenly music starts to blare from the speakers. Immediately, seven men in identical orange shirts jog out to the middle of the field and begin to dance and spin. You and Rotom see a single blade of grass much taller and larger than the ones around it. However, the dancing men are directly in the way. You attempt to approach the blade of grass, but find that you are nearly having to dance yourself to avoid getting hit by swinging arms and legs.

“Today we are dancing for no reason! Someday, we’ll disappear for no reason!” Sings the man in the middle of the group. Over by the speakers, two more men in orange shirts argue with each other over who started the music at the wrong time. Each of them deny that they had anything to do with it, and seem to be struggling to find a way to turn the music off.

Please post your replies by August 20. Continue to use the same Pokemon you chose in your previous reply.
"You have got to be fucking kidding me."

Staring blankly ahead, Drew couldn't help but agree. He and Rotom had just regrouped to share their load of nothing, when... well, whatever you would call a troupe of spontaneously dancing men happened. Entranced despite himself at their rather energetic performance, Drew's head slowly tilted to the side. No, no way you can actually bend like that...

Beside him, Rotom had continued on his profanity laden tirade, promising some poor soul a Thunderbolt to the ass for making them search 'the entire fucking lawn for a literal blade of goddamn grass.' "...Especially when these bozos come out of fucking nowhere and start dancing around it! And don't get me started on that sound system; it was working fine when I phased through-"

Both man and Pokémon froze at those last words, a realization hitting each. Slowly Drew turned to glare at the Rotom. "When you what? Exactly?"

Suddenly a whole lot more interested in the dancing men - or at least in not looking Drew's way - Rotom waffled a bit before responding. "I would like to pre-emptively claim this is not my fault."

"That isn't an answer."

"Well, I may or may not have phased through a sound system that may or may not be spontaneously blaring dance music that strange men may or may not be dancing to around the goddamn blade of grass we may or may not-"

"Oh stop," Drew muttered, running a hand down his face. "Okay, so we gotta get past them to the..." A sigh. "Blade of grass. How hard can it be?"


Apparently, it can be very hard.

Trying to slip between the dancers only led to some creative dancing-cum-dodging on Drew's part. And yes, apparently you can actually bend like that.

"Okay, new plan:" Drew proposed as they regrouped (or rather when Rotom stopped snickering) a distance from the dancing men, "stop them from dancing-"

That perked Rotom up, electricity crackling along his body. "Ooh! I can do ‘zat!" he said gleefully in a bad accent.

"-without getting us arrested," Drew finished. "So, no, no Thunderbolting relatively innocent men."

The Electric-type pouted. "You ruin all my fun."

"Yes, yes I do." Studying both the men dancing and the men failing to stop the music, Drew debated what strategy to use. Eliminating the option of physically stopping the men - because lawsuits - that only left a couple options… "Okay, I'm thinking we take out the music they stop. So, then, we just got to stop that sound system from working. Think you can do that?"

"Drew, I'm a Rotom," the Ghost-type deadpanned, as if that explained everything. Which, yeah, it kind of did.

"Good, so you phase into it and-" He froze midsentence. A palm connected with his forehead. "I am an idiot."

"No disagreement here," Rotom hummed, unsure where Drew was going with this but always willing to be a little shit.

Drew looked over at Rotom, "You are a ghost."

"I prefer the term poltergeist but yes."

"You can phase through the men and get to the blade of grass."

Rotom blinked. "Oh, huh. Yeah. Didn't even think of that."

The trainer grinned. "So you do that and completely bypass those men, and get the clue! And then if-slash-when it inevitably goes wrong we have a back-up plan in you possessing the sound system and forcibly stopping it. Preferably without irreparable damage but, eh, by that point beggars can't be choosers," Drew finished with a shrug.
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