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No urgent news bulletins interrupting regularly scheduled programming to tell of horrific tragedies at the Hatchery. No phone calls telling him that his Shiny Beautifly was personally responsible for any sort of massacre. And, as Keith could see at this moment, the place was still standing. All of this, he reasoned, was cause for hope. He didn't dare come back a week ago to pick up the soon to be proud parents- separate Fatale from her offspring? No thanks, he didn't have a death wish. But right now, as he entered the Hatchery, he knew Fatale would be much more open to the idea of leaving, as it was with her offspring they would be leaving. And exactly what kind of a mother the vampire of Cadaver Forest would be was something Keith had to admit he was very curious about. He looked around for Dr. Grossman, hoping that the man had taken Keith's advice on how to survive the daunting task of taking care of Fatale for two weeks. Oh, and that the Egg was doing alright, of course.

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