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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Spurred on by Farfetch’d’s display of strength, the group’s confidence is renewed. Mimi struggles to keep up her Barrier, but it’s a good thing she does – because one of the remaining Pumpkaboo fires off another salvo of Bullet Seeds at her, and only a couple of projectiles make it past the psy-shield; each pelts the young Mime Jr with reduced force, barely enough to make her lose her focus, and she retaliates with another wave of Confusion!

Meanwhile, Samantha is taking aim at her own target, but the bloody ghost just won’t stay still! Freezing energy charged in her fangs, she looks for the perfect opening, knowing that a missed lunge will leave her wide open to retaliation – and yet, the Pumpkaboo keeps floating back and forward, clearly afraid of Farfetch’d after the way he dispatched its companion. Fortunately, a blast of ice-cold wind from Nina freezes the ghostly creature long enough for Sam to spot her opportunity, and a vicious Ice Fang later, the second Pumpkaboo falls to the ground and soon after evaporates much life the first had!

All but one remains now, and the surviving Pumpkaboo looks equal parts famished and angry. Dark energy surrounds it, a maddening dance of shadows which begin to coalesce in front of it, creating a massive sphere of darkness which grows larger and larger, the single biggest Shadow Ball any of the group has ever seen! Enraged, the Pumpkaboo prepares to unleash it on Samantha and Nina to exact its revenge… but instead fires the orb towards the ground directly beneath itself! The ghost is caught in its own blast and is sent tumbling to the floor – it takes a while for it all to make sense, but Sam finally realizes that Mimi’s earlier psychic attack, weak as it may have been, must have confused the Pumpkaboo!

More like a bird of prey than a duck, Farfetch’d swoops in with its sword-like stalk glowing a venomous violet, and slashes away at the downed ghost with a decisive Poison Jab. When the dust settles, the third and final Pumpkaboo vanishes from reality as well, and the party survives unharmed!

*Samantha has gained 2 Levels!*
*Nina has gained 2 Levels!
*Mimi has gained 2 Levels!*

With a sigh of relief, Farfetch’d cleans his stalk and bows gracefully at the group.

“A remarkable display,” he says with the cordiality of a knight. “I am grateful for your aid. I sense the one responsible for this deadly drought is close by, beyond those trees to the north. If I may trouble you further… can I count on you to put a permanent end to this blight?”

You have some time to catch your breath and regroup; if you decide to go through with this, then the battle ahead will likely be much more demanding than the one you just had… What is your decision?
Samantha and Nina were sure for a moment that they were in trouble, and Mimi did too from a little distance away. However, the latter's shielding and confusion had saved the day, and it was a matter of both relief and pride for the inexperienced baby. Their teamwork might have been limited and disjointed, but it had been teamwork nonetheless, and Mimi especially was glad that their display had been as effective and remarkable as required.

They all felt both a little tired but stronger for it, and Samantha especially was now hyped to do some damage. The snowy fox had learned moves that she could try to hone and master for the upcoming trial, and Nina had more confidences in their chances now. Besides, wherever they lacked, the chivalrous Farfetch'd seemed to chime in and make up for their shortcomings, so surely they couldn't lose?

"Well, we can't just leave things as they are..." The psychic mumbled as if still unsure. She wasn't, though, but perhaps Mimi was more used to being a follower and learner rather than a leader.
"We're not going to." Nina's voice was soft, like her cloudy fur, but resolute all the same.
"Yeah, we're gonna give whatever it is a piece of our mind!" Samantha's grin was wicked, a gleam in the doggo's beady eyes. It made Mimi quiver a bit, more than aware of the canine's troublemaking and bloodlust even within her own pack. Still considering herself the leader, and happy with her role, the pink Pokemon led on, marching with determined strides towards the northern threes. With her comrades in tow, Samantha's anticipation and curiousity was clear, and they made their way towards the evil mystery...
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