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While it was fun to ride on top of Ulysses, it was determined that such method of travel was impractical, so Hyrem merely decided to walk alongside his Jellicent on the way to the Hatchery. "So Ulysses, who do you think your first kid's going to be: boy or girl?" Hyrem asked.
"Oh, well, Amethyst and the Arbok both have had daughters, so odds are I get one too!" Ulysses reasoned.
"I don't know, my gut says you'll be the first to have a son!" said Hyrem as they approached the doorway to the Hatchery. "Either way, I can tell you and Sera are going to love your new baby! Well, we're here, time to see who's right!"


{Super short RP thing aside, I'm just too excited to see what kind of baby Sera has in store for us!}
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