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(OOC: Berue would've been unaffected anyway, since Grass types are immune to Powders now. Also, I wish I had the Yellow Flute like i do on my XD file...)

This was a game of plays and counter-plays, it seemed. One move was all they needed to ruin many of the bug's battle plans, but one move was enough to ruin that. If playing support wasn't working out, then maybe they should try a more offensive approach?

If they couldn't inverse the would-be tyrant's abominable power, then perhaps their best shot was to copy it for themselves- hopefully with better results than the honchcrow had achieved. "Beure, Psych Up the fiend and follow through with an Ancient Power! Charge a Shock Wave to keep up the pressure!"

There was no point in keeping Elen out and about for the time being- this was not something worth gambling with confusion on. "Elenchos, come back- Louise, lessen their reflexes with your Sweet Scent!" The mawile shimmered into the field as Elen was absorbed into red light, her willful glares meant to shift the enemies' demeanor. They were unlikely to be Intimidated by her yet, of course, but that didn't mean she couldn't exert her presence either. "Then Punch the pawniard to Power yourself Up and Incinerate the ledian!"

Lastly, it was her pumpkasaur's turn. "Butternut, use Leech Seed on both of them and use an Incinerate of your own!"

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