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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade

The Roselia guards of Roserade watch carefully as each member of Team Cool looks over their riddles. As the trainers file out one by one, the guards give a flowery salute. Everything about Roserade’s domain was laid out perfectly, and Team Cool began to wonder: Were these obstacles planned out too?

Aiolia bounds out of Roserade’s throne room with you following close behind. You pass by rows of roses to arrive in the section of the fields that housed more varieties of flowers. The flowers are organized by color, and you weed through patches of red carnations on to orange poppies. You even spot a flower aptly named ‘Litleo’s tail’, a discovery you and your Pokemon are rather amused by. Both of you focus your sights on the ground and keep an eye out for the single blooming flower referenced in your riddle. As tulips could be almost any color of the rainbow, you weren’t quite sure where they would be hiding. You make it into the blues, and are suddenly stopped by bumping into something. You look up and realized you had actually run into someone. The tall woman turns around, a wide grin on her face. You open your mouth to apologize, but she grabs your hand and gives it a vigorous shake.

“Hi sweetheart! I’m Eileen, it’s so GREAT to meet you! What’s your name, honey?” She doesn’t pause for an answer and instead lifts up a briefcase. She unlocks it and it falls open, revealing rows of Ragecandybars. “Are you hungry? Of course you are. I’m from Mahogany Candy Co. and I have a GREAT new flavor of Ragecandybar for you and your Pokemon to try. I used to be a trainer too, and isn’t it so DIFFICULT to make any money? I almost gave up until I found this GREAT opportunity.” Aiolia spots a patch of purple tulips on the other side of the woman, and tries to walk around her to reach them. While the woman goes on about how much her life has changed since she started selling candy, she swiftly moves a heeled foot to block the Litleo’s way. You try to step around the other side of her, but she quickly mirrors your movement and moves the briefcase closer. She seems to be the kind of person who would respond well to the same kind of enthusiasm for Ragecandybars as she does. “So what do you say dear? You really can’t miss out on this GREAT offer. I’ll go ahead and sell this entire case to you for $10,000, and you can turn that around for a GREAT profit, I promise!”

Please post your replies by August 20. Continue to use the same Pokemon you chose in your previous reply.
Tailing Aiolia, Seiko struck off in the direction of the flowers with renewed vigor and a sense of purpose. Tulips were a fairly distinct botanical specimen: in other words, she knew exactly what to look for. Triumphant, she fought the urge to laugh aloud at her good fortune. I have this in the bag!

But theirs was not an easy victory, as the young woman and her companion would soon realize. For with every step, Seiko could feel her frustration growing--neither left nor right, here nor there, not a single tulip was to be had! The further the pair trekked, the more Seiko doubted herself. Were they even headed in the right direction. What if she was wrong about the riddle?

Her eyes fell on Aiolia. The Little Cub radiated conviction, undaunted as he pressed onward the swaths of cosmos. Seiko shook her head. No. I can't back down--not if Aiolia's sure we can do this.

The two thus carried on, pausing only to momentarily scrutinize the plots of flowers at either side. Some were flamboyant, others dainty--then there was the apply-named "Litleo's Tail", which elicited smiles from the trainer and her partner. Aiolia's resolve was contagious; Seiko was certain that were closing in on the prize....

The young woman collided with something, jarring her from reverie. Something? No, someone. Seiko was about to apologize when the individual, a woman, began to prattle on at a hundred miles a minute. What, Ragecandybars? Buy? No, I--wait! The tulips! As she struggled to process the information thrown at her, Seiko spied Aiolia maneuvering every which way in an attempt to reach the purple blossoms which had nearly escaped her notice. But this Eileen, true to form, just wasn't letting up, and so the flowers remained out of her grasp.

Seiko would've given her money--anything to go away. Then she heard the asking price... and choked. She coughed. "Um, well, I... sorry, but y'see I'm...," Think, think! "Allergic! Yes, I'm terribly allergic to Ragecandybars. Can't handle the stuff."
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