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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Tsareena

Tsareena gave a nod as each member of Team Unique went off to find the answer to their riddle. The Fruit Pokemon’s garden soon proved to be as harsh as the Poni Wilds, and trainers found themselves running into rather challenging obstacles.

Quickly adapting to the new environment, you and Pineco leave Tsareena’s throne room close behind your team. Together, you go through all of the ring-shaped things you can think of, ruling out anything that wouldn’t be found in the garden. You soon settle on an answer, and make your way towards the grove of berry trees in the domain. You pass by bunches of Bluk, plenty of Pecha, and accumulations of Aspear. Before long, you find a thinly trunked tree with bright yellow fruit hanging from it. Wiggly lines on its skin form the rings you know you are looking for. Excitedly, you lift up Pineco to help you retrieve one of the berries. You feel a sensation on your leg, and pull yourself and Pineco away from the tree in shock. A man in a security guard outfit lays against the tree, his sweaty hand sliding down your leg as you notice him.

“Please…miss…” He croaks. His dark hair sticks to his forehead, and his uniform is dark with sweat. “I’m so…thirsty…” It was certainly hot enough to dehydrate someone in this area of the garden. You start to check if you have any water on you, but he stops you and speaks again. “Need…that…Only that…” The guard holds up a shaky hand to point behind you at the smoothie shack. Specifically, he points to the sign that advertised the special of the day. was a busy day, and many guests were lining up to get a refreshing drink. The longer the line went on, the more disgruntled the people waiting looked. More and more people were joining the line, and the owners were frantically calling out numbers when each order was ready. Though the man on the ground was on the verge of passing out, he looks determined that he needs that smoothie and nothing else.

Please post your replies by August 20. Continue to use the same Pokemon you chose in your previous reply.
There was something about the Cloud Garden that hated Alice Hope, honestly. Maybe it was by order of the four queens, or perhaps the rangers or the trial runners. Perhaps there were legendaries or gods, hidden in this area of the world, that saw Alice's surname and thought of a mean game for the lulz-- like it was tempting them to rip all of the joy and general positivity from her life. Anyone who knew her - friends or fans - knew of the story of Starline River. This was threatening to be the sequel that Alice did not feel she deserved.

Had the security guard been sent by divine forces to test her? Had he not seen this fucking queue, holy shit? Maybe the dehydration was making him delirious, but whatever the answer was, he deserved a good smack and to be left to die slowly and without mercy. If a security guard fell in the garden, did it make a sound? Did Teddiursa shiz in the woods? Alice deserved to win the entire tournament just for enduring this mess. She was British, and now being faced with that queue? Disgusting.

"Are you sure you really need that?" Alice asked. Farren could sense his trainer's temper rising, but he at least kept his cool. He rocked a little in her arms, reminding the young woman of her task overhead. A trusty pin missile dropped one of the required berries down onto his jagged body, and Alice made a point of packing the treasure away. This was clearly going to be a test of her patience, and they only had limited time. "You look really dehydrated right now, and that queue's super long. You'll be in a lot worse state by the time I get to the front, and I don't have time to stay through it." She reasoned, "I could go and alert staff to what's going on, and maybe they can get you one while they help you out, yeah?" It seemed reasonable to her, but if there was one thing she knew about Cloud Garden, was that everybody was fucking mad here.

Including her. In both senses of the word that Alice knew.
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