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War of the Roses

Team Bellossom

As the scent of strawberries filled their noses, Team Cute took a moment to look over and solve their riddles. Bellossom gave a wave to each trainer as they headed off to explore, but as the last trainer exited she couldn’t help but let out a giggle. Would her adorable little team be able to solve their riddles, and get past the obstacles they encountered?

From Bellossom’s throne room, you and your Snivy soon arrive at the waterlily display. You are greeted by the calming sound of water and a slight breeze. Waterlilies in several different colors float gently on top of the water, and in the distance, you can hear the croaking of a Poliwag. As there were several ponds to look over, you and Vine go separate ways. You look for almost opposite answers to your riddle. With the way the sun is currently positioned, neither light nor shadow is particularly significant in this display. The water is clear enough to see the bottom of each pool, but there isn’t anything in them besides plants and the occasional sighting of a native Pokemon. Vine scurries up to you as you finish looking over a pond with yellow waterlilies and orange lotus. He shakes his head, unable to find anything of interest in his search. The Snivy gestures behind you to the gazebo where you initially planned to rendezvous. You turn to face the white, wooden stairs of the structure. The gazebo is lined with rose bushes in varying shades of red, and two gardeners chat while watering the plants with Squirtle and Wailmer shaped pails. It would be ideal to use the shade of the gazebo to get out of the hot sun to think of where to go next, but a dark brown tree stands on the top step. It has long branches with three groups of green, and its trunk is dotted with yellow. Oddly, the tree has a mouth and eyes that blink as you approach. It stares past you, and as you make eye contact with it, its eyes shift in another direction, looking uncomfortable. Besides this slight movement, the tree is unmoving, and doesn’t look to be interested in going anywhere any time soon.

Please post your replies by August 20. Continue to use the same Pokemon you chose in your previous reply.
The croaking of a Poliwag drifted across the air as Melissa wandered around the ponds, glancing into the shadows of each pool she passed by. Nothing stuck out to her as scavenger-hunt-related, though, so she continued on, simultaneously appreciating whoever set up the display in the first place. It was pretty and colorful and seemed like a nice place to relax on summer days.

As she approached the gazebo, Vine scurried over, shaking his head at her questioning look and looking somewhat disappointed.

"No luck on your end either, huh?" Melissa said, turning towards the gazebo itself. Vine huffed and eyed the front of the gazebo, particularly the 'tree' standing on the top step. His Tail changed from green to Aqua and he glanced questioningly between Melissa and the 'tree.'

"Probably, but I dunno if they'd appreciate us attacking their...citizens?" Melissa wondered whether that was the right word for a moment before setting that aside for another time. "We can probably just ask one of those gardeners if we can borrow their watering pot." She watched the probable-Sudowoodo for a moment and spotted its gaze shifting away uncomfortably when she made eye contact. "Or maybe ask it to move?"

Having said that, she directed her next words to the probable-Sudowoodo. "Any way we can have you to move out of the way without resorting to water? Or should I ask the gardeners if we can borrow one of their watering pots?"

Beside her, Vine waved his still-aqua-colored tail idly from side to side, watching the 'tree' expectantly.
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