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Rorik – You are the first one who decides to enter the domain in search of their next clue, this event is fortunately right up your alley after all. You know that trying to get out of this and disappointing the queen is probably not a good idea so at least now you might be able to enjoy some part of this. Deciding that Munchlax deserves a rest you decide to bring Staryu along with you for this one. The riddle seemed to trigger some nostalgia within you so there was no question that the answer was lavender and since that path to the right was lined with purple flowers of all sorts, it must be over there.

This path feels like it goes on forever, you aren’t sure how long you’ve been searching for but it seems like every single purple flower besides lavender has shown up. You’ve even reached a point where you’re now digging through purple sage knowing full well it’s not actually lavender in hopes that maybe the clue just meant it needs to look like lavender. Of course, you are having no luck with the sage and stand up in frustration while thinking maybe finding a way out just might be the best course of action to take. But you’re encouraged by your Staryu to keep going so you decide to keep pressing forward for now. Finally, after many more twists and turns that familiar scent hits your nose. This is it! This is definitely lavender, you’d recognize that smell from your childhood anywhere and begin to speed up following the scent around a few more turns until you are forced to stop dead in your tracks. “PSY YAI YAI… duck.” You can see it. The lavender is right there in front of you, you can even see an envelope clearly sticking out of the flowers, not even hidden. You could just walk right up and grab it, that is, if there weren’t several Psyduck blocking your path. “Psy yai yai yai yai…” There are four Psyduck, all clutching their heads while constantly voicing their complaints over each other. It would appear that they all have a headache and are also about to give you one since they have decided to all come together right in this very spot, blocking you from being able to reach the lavender. You’re going to have to figure out how to get around them if you want to grab that next clue.
Elation and disappointment came hand-in-hand for Rorik and Staryu. There it was, the precious lavender; so close, and yet... so migraine-inducingly far.

A flock of Psyduck stumbled back and forth, plagued by their usual headaches, the kind that came when their latent psychic power became uncontrollable and overwhelming for the feeble-minded beings. And that posed quite the problem for the Professor.

This is an unsolvable problem!

He saw no way of progressing past that point. And the reason for that was abundantly simple...

The only known way to cure a Psyduck's headache is through administering Secret Potion, the ingredients of which have never been disclosed to the general public - not even I, a Pokémon Professor, know how to recreate it!

It was infuriating. He couldn't be expected to muscle his way through either - these Psyduck couldn't have ended up in Lilligant's garden by mistake. They were, in all likelihood, guests of the queen, which meant harming them was out of the question.

I can't cure them and I can't hurt them. With Staryu as my partner I can't fly over them or dig under them, hedges on both sides mean I can't go around them...

And then it struck him. They could do none of those things, but....

"We can go through them!"

Staryu's gem flashed repeatedly, signalling its confusion, but Rorik was quick to explain. He dropped to one knee and whispered his instructions to the psychic starfish with a coy smile.

"This will risky, but I trust you completely to pull it off," he said encouragingly. "I need you to use Minimize, then make your way across that flock in your miniature state - just be careful not get stepped on! Once you make it across, read the note and relay the contents to me with your Psywave. Got it?"

It was the only solution he could think of that did not involve tampering with the Psyduck's minds, physically hurting them or destroying the garden around them. But he made a mental note to read up on the newest articles regarding the Secret Potion as soon as he got back home...
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