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VGC 2017 Worlds

The first day of this year's world tournament was yesterday. If you missed the fun, there are some choice games online that you can watch on YouTube or Twitch. A game in which last year's world champion, Wolfe Glick, was flinch haxed by Rock Slide three times set the tone for this year's troll-meme: "Rock Slide was the play for Worlds," and similar quips.

I just finished watching Day 2 Swiss Round 2, Markus Stadter vs. Ryuuzaburo H. It was incredibly exciting to watch, though perhaps not for the right reasons ... ^^;;

Spoiler: show
RiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDICulous amounts of freeze hax and other hax in general.

We're moving on to Day 2 Swiss Round 3 right now. The main channel is streaming TCG matches, though I imagine it will be streaming VGC matches soon. But you can use the backup, VGC-dedicated channel to catch the live matches that are being streamed for us at home.

... Oh gosh. :o For Round 3 they're showcasing Wolfe Glick's game. Let's watch!
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