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Welcome to the group TKF!

As he witnessed the battle play out, Lucas had a feeling things were beginning to draw to a close. Violette had taken a few hits, and her condition was far from perfect, but Whimsicott wasn’t doing too hot either. Fortunately for him, Lucas had one final ace up his sleeve; the ultimate trump card that he was dying to put into action. After calling out his strategy to his Vulpix, Lucas tossed her a Pecha Berry in order to rid her of that nasty status effect.

Violette smiled through labored breaths as the Pecha Berry rolled to her feet. The Leech Seeds had already sapped enough of her health, but the added effect of the poison just made things worse, so she happily began to chow down on the berry. Seizing the opportunity while its opponent was distracted, Whimsicott dashed in and hit Violette with another Mega Drain, taking even more of her health and adding it back onto its own.

With the poison now cured, Violette got back to her feet and stared the cotton ball down. It was time to put an end to this for once and for all, and she nodded at Lucas that she was ready. Lucas nodded in return and stood behind his Pokemon, holding up his Z-Ring with the Icium-Z inserted. The crystal glowed a soft white, and Lucas held his arm up in front of him diagonally. He then crossed his other arm to form an X, and then crossed his arms in a similar fashion a second time but slightly higher. Lucas then swiftly held his arms straight out at his sides before swinging them straight forward in front of him. “SUBZERO SLAMMER!” he called out as a bright aura enveloped Violette and him.

The icy Vulpix howled in unison, stomping the ground with her forepaws. The chilling atmosphere caused by the Hail suddenly got twice as cold and a layer of frost coated the ground around them. A pillar of ice appeared beneath Violette’s feet, rising higher and higher as it lifter her into the air. Taking a deep breath, Violette stared down at the Whimsicott and cried out, “VULLLLLLLL!” A massive beam of ice burst from her mouth and shot forward, blasting the Whimsicott with incredible power. The cotton ball never stood a chance as it was completely encased in a block of ice, and as the attack culminated, the block of ice erupted with crystals in every direction, forming a magnificent spiky flower made entirely out of ice.

As she caught her breath, the pillar of ice crumbled beneath Violette, allowing her to land. Petunia stood there in awe and Lilligant stepped forward, clapping her leafy hands together. She didn’t need to check on Whimsicott’s condition as the battle was clearly over. In fact, the expression on the queen’s face showed that she was quite impressed by the beautiful spectacle left behind and didn’t slow the slightest of intentions of freeing Whimsicott from the display. Completely exhausted from the battle, Violette laid down on the ground, a victorious smile on her face. Violette has grown 5 levels!

A queen of her word, Lilligant stepped around the icy flower and directed for Lucas to follow her inside her personal treasure room. Petunia was grinning from ear to ear, this being an opportunity she didn’t get to experience very often. Before them lay seemingly endless piles of collectibles and various other shiny objects. If Lucas didn’t know any better, he would have thought of Lilligant as a hoarder. The flower queen stepped up to one pile and pulled out the item in question. It was a large yellow seed, big enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, and it had a golden sheen to it. As Lucas waited to be handed the Miracle Seed, Lilligant held up her hand to tell him to wait one moment. “I think she’s up to something,” Petunia whispered to him.

Lilligant walked over to another pile and pulled out a tan and orange colored berry. She cracked open the berry and squeezed its juices all over the seed before licking the rest of it off her hand. Lilligant had a maniacal look in her eye as she stepped toward Lucas and handed him the seed. It was a little sticky and it had a peculiar odor to it now. Lilligant stared at Lucas right in the eyes and crossed her arms, showing how serious she was about him making sure he delivered the seed to Roserade exactly as she had given it to him. Petunia looked at Lucas and silently nodded, indicating that it was probably best to honor Lilligant’s request when she had this kind of expression. With the goal now in hand, it was time for Lucas to make his way back toward Roserade. He could choose to make another detour to the gazebo in the center of the garden, but at this rate it might be best to not keep Roserade waiting too long. What will Lucas do?
Lucas cheered as the young Violette fell gracefully back to the ground from the pillar of ice. He, or they, had did it! Their first battle had ended with a win, and she had battled artfully and admirably in spite of her youth and lack of experience. This was definitely a fantastic way to start his long delayed career as a trainer and he could not be prouder. He scooped up the tired Vulpix and gave her a proud hug, telling her that she had done great and withdrew her into her Poké Ball for a well-deserved rest.

Along with a smiling Petunia, excited to see Lilligant's overflowing treasure room, Lucas follows the queen to her stash, where she pulls out the seed as requested by the Roserade Queen. However, with a look that suggests some sort of ulterior motive, she extracts a peculiar berry from her treasure and covers the seed in its sticky juices. Lucas examines his newly won prize with some suspicion - it seemed this might be sabotage on the part of Liligant, but Lucas had told himself he would keep his interference to a minimum. As such, he simply stowed the seed, wrapping it in a handkerchief to keep it from getting the interior of his pack sticky.

"Thank you, your majesty, we will deliver this seed posthaste," Lucas ensured, before turning to Petunia, "Let's head straight back to Roserade's throne room to deliver this - I am worried for the poor Budew and want to get back to her as soon as possible."

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War of the Roses

Note: Team Lilligant's section was written by Patches.

Team Lilligant

After receiving their first clues to this next challenge, Team Lilligant takes a bit of time to think over the riddles and come up with a strategy based on the answers they each reach. One would think that finding the answer to the riddle is all there is to it, unfortunately, it would seem that each member of the team has encountered some type of obstacle that they must overcome before they can have their next clue…

Lucas – Although you’re happy that your team is in first you can’t help but feel guilty that you weren’t able to contribute as much as the others. Deciding that you are going to make up for it this round, you begin to wrack your brain trying to find an answer to the riddle that is written on the paper in your hand. Since Horologie is still full of energy she will be accompanying you in this round as well and she seems to be just fine with that idea. After a lot of concentration and a few guesses that just didn’t feel right, you suddenly believe you’ve found the answer! This must be referring to a path or road of some kind.

It doesn’t take you long to figure out that there were way too many paths in this place for it to be just any old path so after deciding that the cement one was similar to a road, that is the path you choose to take. You’re determined to prove your worth to this team and decide you’re going to check every single possible place these clues might be hidden. This path is pretty straight forward and a lot of the same and even though nothing really stands out to you, you continue to hunt through the bushes looking for something that is different even if it’s a small difference. You even resort to crawling around on the ground to see if maybe there is a piece of cement that is loose or something even though that doesn’t look to be the case. Eventually, you reach a water fountain and this gets your hopes up at first but after examining it thoroughly and feeling around it, it seems that this isn’t the place either. You had even momentarily lifted up the Sewaddle that was relaxing on the fountains edge in hopes that maybe the clue was hidden underneath it but still no luck.

The path splits off in two directions but only one direction is still paved with cement so you decide to stick with your gut and continue to follow it while continuing to be just as thorough as you had been up to this point. Horologie seems to be enjoying the atmosphere as she follows closely behind you. Finally, you’re coming up on a dead end where you can see a man standing a little bit away from a group of flowers in the ground, knowing that at this rate that is your last hope you begin to approach. There is a sign posted that says “Caution: Wet Cement” which is probably why that man is standing back so you just decide to look ahead for now to see if anything stands out to you and finally, something does! You can see an envelope sticking out of the flowers plain as day, looks like you were right after all! At this point you aren’t going to allow a little wet cement to stop you from getting to that clue and so you begin to step toward it. “Aaaaah! Wait!” Startled, you step back and look over at the man who just yelled. He is holding a clipboard in his arm and a pencil in the other. Adjusting his glasses, he gives you a stern look. “I’ve just discovered a set of incredibly rare Pokemon prints. Please stay back, I need to make the perfect sketch.” He then seems to get back into his zone and begins to scribble on the paper that is attached to his clipboard. You look down at the cement in front of you and see that the footprints appear to be those of a regular pair of shoes. You still need that clue and it’s so close, of course it has to be right on the other side of those prints.
Lucas was a little annoyed with the strange man in front of him - after searching up and down the path and under a Sewaddle, they had managed to encounter what appeared to be the clue, only to have a man who insisted the obvious shoe prints he was studying in the wet concrete. Though a little miffed, Lucas decided it was probably not best to get in this odd person's way, as trying to explain to him that what he was so eagerly toiling over was not in fact the prints of some sort of rare Pokémon but the impression of the underside of some unaware pedestrian's shoe. Instead, he turned to Horologie, whose eyes were also fixed on the envelope just beyond their reach.

Trying to keep his voice low enough to keep the man from hearing, he leaned over and whispered to Horologie - "I don't think this man is going anywhere any time soon. Can you pull the clue over here with your Psychic abilities? Use your Mindpower (aka Confusion) to tug it over here so we can give it a look?"

Lucas couldn't help but feel a little antsy, and he had hoped that the man would finish his pointless errand as soon as possible so they could proceed once they were able to decipher the next riddle. Though he wanted to avoid saying something if at all possible, he wasn't against dropping a hint or two if the man was not finished before too long.

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