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myahoo – You are repulsed by not only the boys actions but also his use of the word “thing” when referring to the Poochyena that was also one of his victims. Before you even have the chance to say anything the boy is doing the same thing he always does, running away. You want to try and avoid letting him get away since you know that he is causing an extremely dangerous environment in this forest so you decide it’s best to send Wildfire after him. After explaining the situation to Wildfire, you set him on the ground and he takes off on his mission to Pursue this kid.

You turn your attention back to the battle as Scyther goes in with a Fury Cutter attack on the Poochyena. You encourage Signal, telling them that they can handle this battle and if needed, you’ll even send in backup. The Chinchou knows he can trust you so he decides to put in his best effort and after taking a deep breath begins to step forward into a battle stance. The slight delay, however, made it so that Scyther had already began hitting the Poochyena. Having already been completely worn down from whatever trauma it had previously encountered before meeting up with you, it is not able to fight back. It looks over at you and Chinchou before taking the last hit it can endure, the look seems to say that it is trusting you to do what it doesn’t have the strength to do at the moment. The final hit makes contact and now the Poochyena lays there completely knocked out from it. Looks like it's going to need a lot of rest in order to recover.

Signal knows he can’t waste any more time and lets off his Thunder Wave just as the Scyther is attempting to run away in order to catch up with his trainer. It’s a perfect hit and Scyther’s attempt at escape is a failure. The paralysis has taken its hold on Scyther who is now unable to maintain any sort of speed that would even allow him to get away. Signal follows up with a Charge Beam which also hits the Scyther damaging him a bit, Signal also appears to have powered up for his next move. Scyther still appears to have a lot of stamina left but he’s not sure what he should be doing so he chooses not to attack while also shaking from the paralysis setting in occasionally. Suddenly, you hear an “Oomph!” sound from a distance that doesn’t sound like it’s too far away…

Wildfire doesn’t have to chase the boy very far, his Pursuit is a success (Wildfire gains 1 level) and he managed to slam the boy to the ground preventing him from getting away. It was a little bit rougher than Wildfire had hoped but the kid deserved it anyway. “Quil quil!” You can clearly hear your Pokemon through the trees, sounds like his mission was a success. “Are you serious!? I’m done playing games with you!” You hear footsteps approaching and the boy emerges from between the trees and sees that you have clearly been trying to battle his Scyther. “You know what? Fine. It’s not like I have anything better to do now anyway.” He reaches into his backpack and pulls out a Paralyze Heal and sprays it all over his Scyther. Once his Scyther is cured he pulls a pokeball off of his belt and throws it, releasing a Palpitoad. “Scyther, Fucus your Energy and then Slash at that Chinchou twice! Papi, that thing attacked me earlier so use your Aqua Ring and then hit it with a Bubblebeam as pay back for what it did!” Seems like this kid is ready to actually battle for once and he doesn’t appear to be planning to run away, at least not yet. What will you do?
"Aw, shit."

Melissa winced as the Scyther knocked the Poochyena out, the latter seemingly trusting her to take over for it, which Signal did handily. His Thunder Wave landed perfectly, preventing the Scyther from fleeing, though the following Charge Beam didn't seem to do much damage.

"Well, at least we stopped it from getting away," she said to Signal, who blinked 'questioning' at her.

A nearby "Oomph!" distracted her. Figuring the Scyther wasn't going anywhere soon, she and Signal exchanged glances and looked towards the source of the noise.


There was a moment's pause. "Quil quil!"

She was just about to ask if he was successful when another voice drifted over to her.

"Are you serious!? I'm done playing games with you!"

Footsteps approached and the boy emerged from the trees, taking in the partial battle. Wildfire followed close behind, almost looking like he'd herded the kid her way. "You know what? Fine. It's not like I have anything better to do now anyway." He sprayed a Paralyze Heal on his Scyther and released another Pokémon that Melissa doesn't recognize. Likely some sort of Water-type, based on its coloring, and maybe something else? Either way, probably a good idea to have the Water-types face each other. "Scyther, Focus your Energy and then Slash at that Chinchou twice! Papi, that thing attacked me earlier so use your Aqua Ring and then hit it with a Bubblebeam as pay back for what it did!"

"Wildfire. Aerial Ace on Scyther, then follow up with Rollout. Signal, Soak the other one and then Charge Beam again."

Orders given, she pulled out her Pokédex and pointed it at the Pokémon she didn't recognize, calling out to the kid as an afterthought, "By the way, were you setting the forest on fire for a reason or just for kicks? Because that doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do while you're in it..."

Water and Ground. Of course. And first identified in Unova, so no wonder she hadn't recognized it. That was after she'd moved here.

Wildfire goes from Lv. 52 to 53.
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